Easy2name’s Product Guide: What to Label for Primary School

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Easy2name’s Product Guide: What to Label for Primary School

New school terms can be very stressful for parents. Last-minute purchases for ‘why didn’t you tell me your shoes didn’t fit anymore’ and late-night worries of 'I hope their teachers will be nice’ and ‘will they make friends this year?

At Easy2name, we want to do as much as we can to ease this stress, so we’ve put together a list of all the school essentials your child needs to take with them AND just how to keep those belongings safe and out of the lost property pile, with our labelling guide.

So what do I need for school?

Labels for Uniform

Easy2name's Clothing Stickers

All Primary and Secondary schools in the UK tend to have a specific uniform, and when starting, usually your school should issue you a list of everything required. 

Generally, this will include shirts or polo shirts; trousers, skirts or pinafores; shorts or summer dresses; jumpers or cardigans; smart shoes and socks (with usually a few colours or length options). 

Some schools issue emblemed coats, summer hats, woolly hats and gloves too, while others include ties and blazers in their uniform. 

This isn’t an extensive list and yet already sounds like a lot, but don’t worry – our range of clothing labels can have everything named in minutes! 

For larger garments, like shirts and trousers, that have care labels, we recommend our StickEasy Clothing Stickers. These are a no-sew, no-iron option and come in both our original plain design or our fun, full-colour Bright & Brilliant StickEasy design. 

For ‘tag-less’ clothing, we recommend our Iron-on Name Tapes which are made of flexible material so no scratchiness! 

Our Letter Transfers are great on smaller items like socks and we also offer more traditional labelling options like our Express Woven Name Tapes for those who prefer to sew in their labels. 

For school shoes, either go for our specially made Shoe Labels or use Shoe Label Covers to turn your Stick-on Name Labels into shoe labels. 

All clothing labels are washing machine and tumble dryer safe. Find our full range of clothing labels for uniform here

Name Tags for Backpacks 

An essential to keep all your child’s belongings in one place! Use our Bright & Brilliant Bag Tags to make sure the right bag is brought home at the end of each day. 

Although only £3.95, each metal tag can be personalised with multiple lines of text for names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails, and you can choose from 21 colourful designs that your child will love (and want to show off to all their friends

Name Labels PE & Swim Kits 

Easy2name's Shoe Labels
Easy2name's Shoe Labels

It’s a good idea to have a separate bag for PE kit and swim kit so they don’t get mixed up. An easy way to differentiate between bags is using our Bright & Brilliant Bag Tags with your child’s name on and which kit it is. This will also make each bag distinguishable from other children’s to stop mix-ups from happening. 

Usually, a PE Kit needs to include shorts; T-shirt (school’s colour choice); sports socks and plimsolls or trainers. Shoes can be easily labelled with our Bright & Brilliant Shoe Stickers or our Stick-on Name Labels with Transparent Shoe Label Covers over the top to prevent wear. 

Our StickEasy Clothing Stickers can be used to label swimwear and towels

Name Stickers for Lunchboxes and Lunch bags 

Easy2name's Lunch Box

To pack plenty of brain food in! We offer custom Lunch Boxes that come in a range of bright, colourful designs and can be personalised with your child’s name to avoid lunchbox mix-ups with other students. 

Or, if you already have a lunchbox lined up, our Bright & Brilliant Large Stickers can match with any design and be personalised with multiple lines of text. Plus, they are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. They are £14.95 for 32 labels and can be used for bottles, lunchboxes, and other large, non-fabric items.

Name Stickers for Water bottles

Easy2name's Large Stickers

Student’s water bottles are normally kept in a tray all together in the classroom which provides lots of opportunity for mix-ups and, now more than ever, it is important to avoid this. 

Get matching Bright & Brilliant Large Stickers for your child’s water bottle and lunchbox, or for a small name tag, opt for our Bright & Brilliant Mini Stickers, which come in all the same designs but are smaller and more discrete. 

Name Labels for School books 

Easy2name'sBright & Brilliant Large Stickers

Though these are normally provided by your child’s school, schoolbooks are usually brought home at the end of the day and therefore your child’s responsibility to manage. Your child may also want to bring in their own notepads or reading books from home and these can easily get mixed up with other children’s if not properly labelled. 

We recommend our Bright & Brilliant Large Stickers for larger stationery items like books and notepads. 

Pencil Case Labels & Stationery Labels 

Easy2name's Bright & Brilliant Mini Stickers

Kit your child out with their own pencil case with at least one pencil, pen, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener and a few coloured pencils. Each classroom is usually supplied with a range of highlighters, colouring pencils, glue sticks and other stationery, but it’s generally expected for children to have their own basic set. 

Our Bright & Brilliant Mini Stickers fit perfectly on stationery like pens and highlighters. For even smaller items, try our Micro Labels.

Sports & Activity Name Labels

Easy2name's Bright & Brilliant Large Stickers

Most children get involved in extra-curricular activities at school, like learning a musical instrument, so they’ll most likely be taking in extra equipment and bags. 

To label instrument cases, sports kit and bookbags, use our Bright & Brilliant Bag Tags. They are particularly useful on music bags and instruments as the school may have a music cupboard where all children’s instruments are kept, so this way your child can easily pick out which one is theirs. 

Medication Name Labels & Equipment Labels 

Easy2name's Allergy Labels

Another important extra to consider is any medication or medical equipment your child might need to take into school with them. For example, EpiPen's or inhalers. 

Medical bags can also be labelled with our Bag Tags, and equipment like inhalers should be individually labelled with your child’s name – use our Stick-on Name Labels or Bright & Brilliant Mini Stickers for this. If an item is particularly small or tricky to label, like hearing aids for example, our Micro Labels will work perfectly. 

For children with food allergies, try our Allergy Stickers on their lunchboxes to alert staff and carers of allergies and medical conditions. For children with severe conditions, we recommend getting a personalised Safety ID Wristband with emergency contact numbers and details of the condition on.

Labels for Personal Items

Easy2name's Stick-on Name Labels

School is a super exciting environment for young children and often they are keen to show off their favourite toys or latest gadgets to their friends.

As these items are personal and of value, it's all the more important that they are clearly labelled.

For gadgets and technology like mobile phones or game devices, any of our Equipment Labels will work. We recommend our Micro Labels for earphones like AirPods and their cases.

For soft toys or comfort blankets, our Original or Bright & Brilliant StickEasys will work as long as they are stuck on the care labels.

For plastic toys or any other non-fabric item, our Equipment Labels are best.


The main thing to be aware of at primary school is that every child will have near enough the same belongings. Lunchboxes and water bottles are so easily mixed up, as are school jumpers, so spare yourself from endless lost property box visits, get prepared early and label everything! 

Make things easier for yourself and get all the essential labels in one bundle with our School Value Packs.

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