Organisation & Cleaning

Easy2name’s Product Guide: What to Label for Primary School

Easy2name’s easy guide on what needs labelling for school and what doesn’t, from school uniform to stationery essentials – we’ve got you covered.
2 months ago

How to create HYGGE in your home

As almost all of us are forced to spend an awful lot of time at home right now during Corona Lockdown, we thought we’d share some tips on how you can easily transform your home into a nice environment where you’d actually want to spend more time.
1 year ago

School Uniforms - What Needs to be Labelled?

Read our guide to labelling; what exactly should be named and which name tape is best for the job for your child's school uniform and related school items.
3 years ago

School Uniform Advice

Read our tips for buying school uniforms to ensure it's not a mad rush and you get good deals before your children go back to school.
3 years ago

Organise your Home in 2018

Want to get the New Year off to a great start? Why not have good sort out and organise your home for the year ahead.
4 years ago

Easy2name Product Success Story

See why we so confidently advocate our stick-on labels as 'dishwasher safe' - our product was put to the test against the elements on a remote, Scottish beach.
4 years ago

50 Things to Label...

Many customers tell us that they don't need 50 labels, but most soon many order more! It's surprising how many things we have to label, here's our top 50.
5 years ago

Help Your Child Get More Organised This Year

Find out how you can help your children get more organised and independent this year with our handy blog post and wide range of personalised products.
5 years ago

Labelling the Easy2name Way

Make sure your child starts the new school year with easy to apply, durable, waterproof clothing name labels from Easy2name, with quick and simple application.
5 years ago
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