QR Stickers

QR Stickers

Want the easiest way to find your lost items without disclosing your personal information? Our Lost & Found QR Stickers ensure that your valuables will securely find their way home if they get misplaced. If you lose your items, they can be returned to you by the finder who can easily begin contact by scanning the QR code and starting a private conversation directly with you.
  • 27 Lost & Found QR-Stickers.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Privacy and security guaranteed.

QR Stickers

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With the Lost & Found QR Stickers you can ensure that your valuables come home. Even if items get lost in school, on the road or when you’ve been on holiday - these stickers enable the finder to have direct contact with you so that returns happen quickly and securely.

Activating and claiming your personal QR code is very simple: you scan your QR code (per set) with the camera of your mobile phone and enter your email address in the appropriate window that opens. Enter the details required and that’s it, finished!

It is straight forward to use: the finder scans your QR code on the item with their mobile phone camera which sends them to a secure and direct chat with you. This way communication is easy and secure, no personal details will be exchanged until you decide to share them.

The stickers are supplied in different sizes per set: 2.8 x 2.8 cm, 2 x 2 cm and 1.5 x 1.5 cm. Meaning there are lots of different items these fit on to.

You could use the large stickers for your travel or laptop bag and the smaller stickers on your phone, tablet or wireless earbuds. If you have lost your phone you can access the chat through a tablet or laptop instead to ensure safe return! In addition, the great thing about the QR Stickers is that you can mark your belongings without leaving your own or your child's personal details visible.

We also provide the QR code technology on a bag tag/keyring as well – more suitable for travel bags or laptop bags.

The Lost & Found QR Stickers are scratch, weather and water resistant.

Product details
  • 27 Lost & Found QR-Stickers.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Privacy and security guaranteed.
  • High quality from a trusted brand.
  • Guaranteed minimum 5 years active service.
Stick the Lost & Found QR Stickers on a clean, grease-free and flat surface. For best adhesion, it is important that the sticker is pressed down properly and to prevent air bubbles under the sticker. A tip is to stick the sticker from left to right and to rub it well with your finger or, for example, a card.
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