Labels for camping & holidays

Our personalised holiday name tags and address labels can help you and your family stay organised when travelling.

Holiday name tags & address labels

Easy2name offer a wide range of holiday name labels, address tags and general bag tags. Useful for keeping your luggage easy to identify and reducing the risk of anyone accidentally picking up the wrong luggage!

There are label and tag products to help with days out, camping trips and full on holidays abroad. We provide labels and name tags suitable for all your personal belongings as well as your larger bags, luggage and equipment such as bikes and skis.

Camping name tags for children & families

Using camping name tags makes it much easier for you to identify your toys, bags and general camping equipment. Our Easy2Name stick on labels can be easily customised and colour co-ordinated to make it quick and easy to identify and collect all of your camping items, especially when they get mixed up with other people’s belongings!

Our security ID wristbands also provide piece of mind, knowing you can be easily contacted if children wander away from camp or get lost. You can also highlight allergy conditions using our Allergy Name Stickers.

How to use holiday labels?

Our labels are super easy to apply and feature a strong adhesive which means they stay stuck once applied! Simply peel away from the sticker base and apply to your item.

All our labels are UV resistant, waterproof and designed to withstand general washing up, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. They are durable and scratch proof - designed to cope with the bangs and knocks of everyday life.

Take a look at our other products that are useful for holidays and days out such as our EasyTags and our Shoe Labels covers.

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