Nursery Name Labels

Starting nursery can be a stressful time but our personalised name labels will make it a lot easier.

Often nurseries will ask you to label all your children's belongings before they start. Getting steriliser and dishwasher safe, and water-resistant stickers are essential to effectively label bottles, toys, bags, shoes and other items. Choose from our original Stick-on Name Labels or the colourful Bright & Brilliant range; designs can make it easier for little ones to recognise their own belongings.

For clothes you can use our Iron-on Name Tapes, our no-sew, no-iron StickEasy Clothing Stickers, which simply stick to the care labels, or the more traditional iron or sew on woven labels. Either choose our Easy2name original StickEasys or from the Bright & Brilliant range, which include full-colour designs.

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