Personalised clothes labels

Choose from our wide range of custom clothing labels and clothing tags below including woven labels, stick on labels, sew on labels and iron on options. All our products are washing machine and dryer safe.

Name labels for clothes

If you're looking for labels for clothes then look no further than Easy2Name. Easy2name offers a broad range of clothes tags and labels to suit your needs including:
- Stick On Clothes Labels - quick and easy to apply. Washing machine safe.
- Iron-on Name Labels - a quick permanent name label solution
- Sew-on Name Tapes - traditional & popular sew on name labels
- Clip-On Name Tags - industry strength name tags. Tamperproof & permanent.

All our customisable clothes labels can be easily applied to jumpers, jackets, skirts, trousers, ties, hats, gloves and all other clothing and apparel.

Design your custom clothing labels

Depending on which label you choose you can easily customise your clothes name labels exactly how you want them. Easy2name offers a range of customisable options including a variety of different fonts, a wide range of different label sizes to suit your needs and many many colour options to make your clothes tags easily you can choose different label sizes, fonts and colours. 

Our Bright and Brilliant range also includes a range of design themes to choose from as well as icons to add to your labels and our high quality woven labels that are soft on the skin are a fantastic option to make sure you never lose your belongings again.

How to use custom clothing labels?

All our Easy2Name clothes labels are super easy to apply and are guaranteed to stay stuck!
If you’re looking for nursery clothing labels, school clothing labels or care home clothing labels we have just what you need.

All our clothing labels and tags are machine washable, tumble dryer safe, made from durable materials and are guaranteed to stay stuck on! 

For more detailed information on what labels to use for labelling clothes then see our handy blog post - Choosing Clothing Labels for Children


How to attach clothing labels?

There are different ways to attach your custom clothing labels to your clothes. One of the most popular is to sew or iron the label on. On top of these traditional options we also offer clothes labels that you can simply stick on as well as reusable clip-on name tags.

How to remove labels from clothes?

Depending on how the label has been attached to the clothing, there are several ways to remove it.

For clothing labels that have been ironed onto the garment, the most common solution is to reheat the label by placing baking paper between the iron and the label and ironing over the top. After a short time you should be able to remove the label. Alternatively, you can use a special vinyl letter dissolvent.

Labels that have been sewed on can be removed by simply unravelling the thread.

What are clothing labels made of?

There are two types of labels for clothing: printed and woven labels.

While printed labels are typically made from materials such as satin, cotton, tyvek or poly blend with the design digitally printed on them, woven labels are made from polyester or cotton and - as the name suggests - both the label itself and the design are woven onto them.

How to add your own label to clothes?

To add your own label to your garments, start by design some custom labels for clothing for the desired purpose. Depending on whether you want to iron, sew or stick your label onto the clothing, simply select the type of label that suits your needs. All our labels for clothing are machine washable, dryer safe and very durable.

How long do bespoke labels take to deliver?

All our bespoke labels are delivered in 3-5 working days.


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