Equipment Labels

Our labels for equipment are for everyone 

Our equipment labels are multi purpose and suit a wide range of applications around the house. Property name stickers can be used on everything from tupperware, books and tennis rackets to toys, drinks bottles and pencils. Our name stickers come in a variety of sizes (including very small) and designs to suit your name label needs.

Our school equipment labels are hugely popular and cover all your school and nursery needs. 

Custom equipment labels

Our name labels are available in micro, small, medium and large sizes. Our Bright & Brilliant Mini and Large stickers can be customised with different icons, designs, colours and fonts - there are literally hundreds of combinations to choose from.

You can choose elegant colours and fonts for all your kitchen jar labels for example, or choose your child’s favourite colour or animal design to keep all their name labels the same and easy to recognise.

How to label equipment?

Our name gives it away! All our stickers and name labels are super easy 2 apply! Simply peel and stick. What’s more, our name stickers are all dishwasher safe and won’t fade due to their UV resistant coating.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here, try our Home Labels category. We’ve also written a handy guide to 50 things you might need to label in your home - happy labelling!

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