Name Stickers

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe Stick On Name Labels of the Highest Quality

You can easily label all your child's belongings, or your own, with these handy Name Stickers. Ensuring everything returns home with Easy2name. Choose from many sizes and designs!

Stick On Name Labels from Easy2Name

All of our Name Labels are high quality, therefore, we guarantee great performance. Which is why we promise a free reprint or your money back if you're not satisfied! Your Stick On Name Labels adhere to any clean, flat, and dry surface -  plus they’re dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Or, were you actually looking for Clothing Labels? You can easily iron, stick, sew, or stamp Easy2name’s clothes labels on all types of clothing!

Name Stickers for Kids

These personalised Name Stickers for kids are available in many different sizes and customised designs. Consider, for example, Small Stick On Name Labels in vibrant colours that your little one will recognise. You can stick these Name Labels to items such as bottles, drinking cups, lunch boxes, hockey sticks, gym equipment, toys, and much more.

Make Name Tags Yourself

Excited about our personalised Name Stickers? In our editor, you can create the Name Tag exactly how you want it. Choose the colour, font, text size, and possibly a charming icon. The great thing is that you can immediately admire your design in the preview. Start designing your Stick On Name Labels now!

Order Stick On Name Labels

Because we handle the entire production in-house, we can guarantee fast dispatch of your Name Stickers. If you order and pay for the Stick On Name Labels before 12 noon on weekdays (different payment options available), they will be dispatched the very same day. As all our packages can go through the letterbox, you don't need to stay at home delivery either.

Name Labels for School or Daycare?

Many parents order Name Labels to mark their child's school supplies or anything that needs to be taken to daycare or nursery. To assist parents, we have also put together handy Value Packs that include all useful Name Stickers (including some essential Clothing Labels).

What quality can I expect from the Name Stickers?

You can expect the best quality possible from our Name Stickers. We develop and produce the Stick On Name Labels ourselves, and they last for at least 200 washes!

Are the Stick On Name Labels dishwasher safe?

Easy2Name Name Stickers are both dishwasher AND microwave safe. If you intend to boil or sterilise your child's drinking bottle, we recommend using our Bottle Bands as an alternative, to prevent the Stick On Name Labels from fading at high temperatures.

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