Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Is there a limit to the number of letters on a name label?

    A. On the Stick on Labels and Easytapes the letters are made smaller the more there are ie Tom King will have a larger size lettering than Charles Gregor Macgregor. On the Stick on labels and Easytapes even 30 small letters are still very readable. On the Transfers we don't recommend more than about 20 letters as they can be hard to see clearly once ironed on if too small. On woven tapes the letters stay the same size but the tape will be longer for a long name.

  • Q. How quickly should I expect my order?

    A. Original Stick on Labels, Shoe Label Covers, Easytapes and Permanent transfers and bag tags should be despatched within 48 hours BUT if your order includes Woven labels it could take longer - your order should be despatched within 14 days, however, please allow up 21 days.

    If you have a mixed order and need your other labels urgently please select Split Delivery at the checkout and we will send the order in parts as the items are ready.

  • Q. How can we raise funds with Easy2name?

    A. Many nurseries and schools have raised funds simply by distributing the order forms. We send the orders direct to the customer and the group receives 20% commission.

  • Q. Can your stickers be used in Shoes?

    A. The stickers stay stuck very well in shoes but we recommend you use the Shoe Label Covers over the top of them to protect the lettering.

  • Q. How long do Bespoke Labels take to deliver?

    A. A woven sample takes 10 days and the full amount takes a further 10 days. A printed satin sample will take around 5 days and another 5 days for the full amount. However company policy is to allow up to 28 days for delivery in case of any errors.

  • Q. Can you do different sized/coloured labels?

    A. Certainly; if you have any different requests then please just ask.

  • Q. What are the delivery charges?

    A. Our standard delivery charge is £1.50 - items are sent by First Class Post.

  • For Europe the cost is £4 and for the Rest of the World the charge is £8 and is sent via a signed for service. Our delivery charge details can be found here.

  • Q. My iron on tapes are coming off, what is happening?

    A. We have sold thousands of iron on tapes over the years, with such a tiny problem rate and many customers come back for more. 
    Variations in irons and applications can make a difference, so here are a few suggestions.
    We would recommend the following
    • Ensure your clothes have been pre-washed.
    • Do not cover the label with a tea towel – iron straight onto the label.
    • Do not iron the label on to the care label inside the clothing.
    • Use a little more heat and/or pressure but be careful not to burn the clothing. 

    Please check out our videos on the relevant pages which we hope will help explain how to apply our labels correctly.

    Q. I have had an e-mail confirming my order has been dispatched, but I still haven’t received it. How long should it take?

    A. All orders to an address in the UK are sent first class by Royal Mail it should be with you with 3-5 working days. However Royal Mail can be a little slow sometimes, and it can take up a week. We like to allow two weeks for delivery to ensure your item is definitely lost and not just delayed. Please contact us if you are concerned.

    Q. I haven’t received an e-mail confirmation, how can I track my order?

    A. If you haven’t had the e-mail confirmation, then the order wouldn’t have fully completed and come through to us. The most common cause is being timed out of the final payment page. Please contact us, we sometimes have some of the details you entered and can take a card payment over the phone.

    Q. Why isn’t my discount code accepted?

    A. If you have also selected a fundraising group, your discount code won’t be accepted, as we can only give away one concession.

    Q. Why do the shoe label covers not have a name on?

    A. The covers are just what they say they are. They are designed to go over the top of our stick on labels in shoes, to protect the name from wearing away with feet rubbing on them so much.

    Q. Can I have accents on letters?

    A. We can print all accents, or unusual letters.

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