Guest Blog with The Blinky Company: Getting Ready for Nursery
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Guest Blog with The Blinky Company: Getting Ready for Nursery

The Blinky Company and Easy2name – Getting Ready for Nursery

It's that time of the year again - Back to School season! As the lazy summer days slowly fade away, it's time to gear up for an adventure filled with learning, laughter, and plenty of unforgettable moments.


School Labelling Guide: Back to School
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School Labelling Guide: Back to School

Everything Labelling Guide: Back to School

How to label school uniform

Depending on if the school has requested specific types of labels, the world is your oyster! Choose from Sew-on Name Labels, Iron-on Name Labels, Clothing Stickers, Clip-on Name Tags or a Clothing Stamp. Each label has pros and cons – for example, woven labels can be more challenging for smaller items of clothing (such as socks or undergarments). Whereas a name stamp can be used easily on smaller garments and does not cause the wearer any discomfort.

Our most versatile label for clothing is our original clothing label, ideally placed on the clothing label, this name sticker is flexible and conforms to movement. It withstands up to 300 washes at 40 degrees – small, but mighty!

How to label school shoes

Remember having to weave a plastic tag into the shoe laces for trainers? No more! Shoe stickers are the new trend, and we are here for it. We offer 2 different types of shoe labels – either pop in our equipment labels and overlay with a transparent shoe label cover OR try our round shoe labels which have a range of designs to choose from.

Children who are a bit older may wish to ‘stick’ with the equipment labels as these are a little more grown-up ????

These labels can be used as trainer name labels; football boot labels; rugby boot labels; ballet shoe labels; school shoe labels; tap shoe plimsoles wellies.

How to label school equipment/items

We have all types of property labels, our name stickers come in large/small/mini to accommodate any sort of school equipment – whether it’s stationery or rucksacks we have a name label that fits.

All of our stick-on name tags for equipment are super strong but when taken off they do not leave residue on the item. 

Alternatively, try our school bag tags which just clip onto your children’s rucksack or bookbag, Making it easy to identify their bag either by the name or the design.

Many schools now ask for the children to be equipped with a laptop for lessons, something you definitely do not want to go missing or get left at a friend’s house! We recommend either our classical equipment labels OR our new exclusive QR code equipment labels. QR code allows for direct anonymous messages between the owner and the finder, ensuring the safe return of tech items whilst protecting a young person's identity.

These labels can be used as pencil case labels; calculator labels; laptop name labels; book bag labels; rucksack name tags; school book labels; general stationary name labels; lunchbox labels or water bottle labels

How to label sports kit

Most sports kit can be labelled as simply as uniform, however there are those pesky items which require a more specialised method of labelling.

For sports kit items like a swimsuit, we recommend using a sew-on label or a clothing sticker on the clothing label. Both of these forms of labelling are durable against both water and the salt/chlorine used in pools.

Helmet name labels require a durable label due to scuffing, depending on the material of the helmet or where you are planning to place the label we recommend the following:

How to label sports equipment

Any sports equipment needs a strong and durable label solution, they are subject to a lot of scratching, scuffing and a lot of rough play! Therefore, we recommend using our classic equipment labels – they are waterproof, scratch resistant and super sticky – however, when removed they do not leave any residue.

These handy name labels come in both a small and large format, suitable for bending around items as well (such as a bat or stick). We recommend these for tennis rackets labels; hockey stick labels; lacrosse stick labels; cricket bat labels;

How to label a sports bag

The two best methods for labelling a sports bag are either our 1-inch sew-in name labels or our clip-on for bags. For extra identification, we recommend doubling down and actually using both!


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