Helping Your Child Manage Their Allergies at School

Your child's first day of school is daunting at the best of times, but when they also have allergies, it's easy to worry - at Easy2name we've rounded up some tips to help you and your child navigate this time.
6 days ago

6 Funny, Sad & Heart-warming Poems for Father’s Day

Dads, whether biological or adoptive, first time or parent of a big family, deserve lots of love this Father’s Day. Here are 6 wonderful poems for your kids to use in their cards.
21 days ago

Easy Children's Craft Ideas for the School Holidays

Rainy days and school holidays mean indoor activities - check out our top ideas for keeping things crafty with your kids.
4 months ago

10 Relatable Quotes from Famous Parents That Have Been There and Survived It

Get some advice from famous parents! Being a new parent is tough so here are our favourite pieces of relatable advice from some famous parents that have been where you are now and survived!
4 months ago

Unique Children's Bedroom Themes & Ideas

Check out our run down of the most fun and interesting themes for your child's bedroom - from space to woodland and everywhere in between!
4 months ago

What Type of Parent are You?

Find out what type of parent you are. In any parent's friend group, we guarantee there will be at least one of each of the following 5 parent types.
4 months ago

10 Short but Sweet Self-Care Ideas for Mums this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming up soon! Get ready to take a breather and re-set with these 10 self-care ideas, perfect for mums!
4 months ago

How to make the best Easter egg hunt in your house and garden for the kids

Find out some of our favourite ideas to inspire you to make the best Easter egg hunt at home, from non-chocolate options to scavenger hunts, to other games!
4 months ago

Perfect pancake recipes – from traditional to something a bit more adventurous

Indulge this pancake day with our perfect pancake recipes to share with your children – from the more traditional to something a bit more adventurous.
4 months ago

7 Ways to make your child’s lockdown birthday memorable

Find out how to make your child’s lockdown birthday special and memorable with our ideas to celebrate, from fun activities to the best virtual birthday parties!
5 months ago
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