Pregnancy & Newborns

How to Sleep Better when Pregnant in Summer Months

Find out some of our favourite ideas to help you have a better night’s sleep whilst you’re pregnant during those hotter summer months.
11 months ago

Easy2name's Product Guide: The Nursery Essentials and How to Label Them

Easy2name’s easy guide on what your child needs to take to Nursery and which of our labels are best for each item.
1 year ago

10 Relatable Quotes from Famous Parents That Have Been There and Survived It

Get some advice from famous parents! Being a new parent is tough so here are our favourite pieces of relatable advice from some famous parents that have been where you are now and survived!
1 year ago

Top 10 UK Boy’s and Girl’s Baby Names of 2020

Read on to find out the top 10 boy’s and top 10 girl’s names of 2020. Learn their meanings or find out some interesting facts about each one.
1 year ago

Feeding Toddlers

Trying to get toddlers not fuss over their food is challenging, which is why Easy2name have provided tips on how to improve your child's relationship with food.
7 years ago

Decorating Your Nursery

Engagement and safety are important aspects when designing your child's nursery. Easy2name's blog provides guidance on both comfort and design. Read more.
7 years ago

Choosing a Toddler Group

Easy2name's blog discusses the neccessary considerations when deciding to attend a toddler group; taking into account both parent and child. Click for more info.
7 years ago

Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense Classes

Find out more about the toddler class employee Claire takes her little one to called toddler sense, carrying on from the baby sensory classes.
9 years ago

Easy2name baby!

On the 26th August Claire gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Chloe Katie Rimmer. We all had a cuddle before they went home to start their family life together.
10 years ago
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