7 Ways to make your child’s lockdown birthday memorable

Find out how to make your child’s lockdown birthday special and memorable with our ideas to celebrate, from fun activities to the best virtual birthday parties!
6 months ago

How To Keep In Touch With Family And Friends During Lockdown

We believe that lockdown will last much longer for the high-risk groups. As older people tend to be more likely to fall in the more vulnerable categories, we wanted to put some ideas together for activities to do by video calls.
1 year ago

Best Easter Party Games For The Family During Lockdown

Take a look at our list of exciting Easter party games for kids, to help your family enjoy a great Easter weekend during the lockdown.
1 year ago

Wonderful Summer Birthday Ideas for Children

Does your child's birthday fall in the summertime? Explore our range of children's summer party and celebrations - to ensure your party is still being spoken about when the new term rolls around in September.
2 years ago

Halloween Costumes 2018

Out of ideas for costume ideas this Halloween? Check out our Day of the Dead themed Halloween costumes for all members of your family, they are sure to give trick or treat'ers a fright!
3 years ago

Children's birthday parties

In need of some children's party inspiration? Easy2Name have you covered. Themes, invitations, games, food and more, check out our top ideas.
3 years ago

Festival Party

With the festival season now upon us why not have a family festival party at home. Here's 8 fun tips and ideas from Easy2name to get you started.
4 years ago

Child Friendly New Years Eve Party Ideas

Have fun this New Years with the children and celebrate as a family with these fun new years eve party ideas for the family, from homemade items to activities!
5 years ago
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