Wonderful Summer Birthday Ideas for Children

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Wonderful Summer Birthday Ideas for Children

The weather is warmer, the evenings are longer, and the school holidays are in full swing. If your child’s birthday falls in the summertime, then it’s time to start organising their summer birthday parties and celebrations. We have a number of ideas to get you started and to ensure your party is still being spoken about when the new term rolls around in September.

Whether it’s a family affair or a big event for school friends and neighbours, at Easy2name we have compiled a list of children’s summer birthday ideas, with a variety of themes to ensure there is something for everyone! sure there is something for everyone!

Out and About

Who doesn’t love a trip to the fairground? If you only have a small group invited or you don’t have the space to host in your back garden, look into taking a group of your child’s friends to the local fair, with plenty of food, rides and games to keep them entertained all day long! However, we understand that birthdays might not always fall on or around local fairground visits – so, simply take your children to the local parks.

When the sun is shining, there is so much fun to be had! Offering lots of space for a number of activities, how about a game of rounders, football or even cricket! Take a picnic with you with a few games and toys, and let the day run itself. Rain or shine, you can take the party to a water park! It will not only give them a chance to cool off in the summer sunshine, but it will be great fun too! Ensure there are a few adults to hand for those non-swimmers.

Hosting at Home: Birthday Parties

Are your children ready for a sleepover? Set up a mini campsite in your back garden with several tents, outdoor activities and delicious s’mores! Why not pair this with a BBQ too – under parental supervision, of course!

If the weather doesn’t allow however, take the children inside for a movie marathon and a mountain of snacks – accompanied with blankets and pillows, where they can all sleep over together in the living room!

If your children LOVE getting messy, ask their friends parents to bring them in ‘mess-friendly’ clothing! Move your outdoor furniture out of harms way and clear a large area in the garden for the fun to begin. Give each child their own set of colour paint powder and set off a game of ‘messy’ tag, the winner is the one with the least paint on their clothing! Everyone loves a trusty bouncy castle or inflatable obstacles – needing little planning.

Simply set out a buffet of delicious party treats, and let the children run wild on the inflatable toys… For those younger children, introduce bubbles into the mix! Decorate your party venue with lots of colourful balloons, leaving out lots of different bubble blowers for the guests. You can also get automatic blowers that can start off the party.

Ensure you have got a camera handy too, to capture these great memories. Everyone knows that face paint is a great addition to every children’s birthday party! Whether you source a professional or buy in the paints and do it yourself, it will be sure to put a smile on the children’s faces. Get the guests to choose an animal and let the fun begin, before long your garden will be full of wild animals running around!

Food and Drinks for Children Parties

The warmer weather allows for a whole host of new summery treats, including watermelons, ice lollies, summer salads etc. So be sure to pair your party with the perfect food and snacks. There are so many options of food in the summer holidays, including BBQs, picnics, afternoon tea or canapes! Whatever your children love, you can create a party twist on.

The most important thing about party food, is to make sure there are lots of options – making sure you cater for those fussy eaters. Is there a child who doesn’t love ice cream? Create your own ice cream bar! Get in multiple ice cream flavours, a range of toppings, sauces and cones – get the guests to create their own sundaes and ice creams – or at least choose their own, depending on age!

With all the yummy food on offer and a range of fun activities to take part in, make sure your guests have a choice of drinks to choose from. Although there’ll be fizzy drinks on offer, try to present a range of fruity cocktails and healthy smoothies to prevent too many hyper children!

We hope your summer parties are a hit, we’d love to know which of our ideas you tried and which of your own worked wonders. If you’re still looking for ideas to keep your children busy this holiday, read some more of our latest blog posts for further inspiration, whether you’re travelling on long journeys, they want to get stuck in with the gardening or become little chefs and help with dinner. So whether you’re creating a number of different foods and drinks or homemade games discover our assorted designs of dishwasher, microwave and washing machine safe name labels to keep your creations separated, letting your guests knowing what they are. We have a variety of fun themed name tags your children will absolutely love, from iron-on, stick-on to woven labels, we have a label for everything!

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