Sew on Name Labels

Our sew-on name labels are renowned for their long life. We make many varieties of name tape in an array different styles and sizes.

Our sew-on labels

We have 2 different types of personalised sew on clothing labels. Our extra large sew on name labels are 25mm thick and depending on how many characters you use are dependent in length. We also offer smaller sew on labels for clothes which are 8mm thick and have a maximum of 30 characters. Our personalised sew on name labels are available in a range of colours and are extremely durable when washed.

Sew on clothing labels can be used for toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults! A truly versatile form of labelling if we do say so ourselves. 

Personalised sew-on labels for the whole family

Our personalised sew on name labels are perfect for labelling items for all the family. Sew on name labels are great for labelling nursery clothes as they cannot be picked off by littles ones with busy hands! Ours are easy to use, long lasting and come in 2 different sizes; extra large sew on labels and small sew on labels. Our large labels are 25mm thick, our small are 8mm thick - the length of the label depends on the amount of characters you choose. 

Our sew on labels can be used for Nursery, School and Care Home labelling, so they are suitable for children but also adults as well. They are easily customisable with a range of fonts and colours available to choose from, select from small, medium or large packs - depending on what you need. 

If sew on labels are not quite what you are looking for check out our non sew on label options! From iron on labels to stick on labels, and even clothing name stamps!

How to sew labels on clothes?

Wondering how to sew labels on clothes? Well, applying our sew on clothing labels could not be easier! Regardless if you order extra large sew on name labels or our smaller woven labels they are easily sewn into different items of clothing. For best results we recommend sewing the labels on all 4 corners for extra durability, this also reduces risk of irritation for the wearer. 

Our personalised sew on name labels are waterproof, washing machine proof, tumble dryer proof and generally touch little labels - particularly good for busy little hands! The best place to use a sew on label is the collar for tops, the waistband for trousers and the outside rim of socks.

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