Children's birthday parties

Children's birthday parties
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Children's birthday parties

Have you a child's birthday coming up and need to organise a party? Here are some great tips and ideas.

1. Choose a theme. Mermaids, Pirates, Unicorns, Cowboys, Circus or Jungle Animals, the list is endless. Most children will have a favourite party theme you could go for so let them choose, it is their party after all. Older children tend to be quite girly or boyish but for little ones you will probably have a mix or boys and girls present so a wise idea would be to go for a unisex theme, to involve everyone.

2. Invitations. Once you have decided on the party theme, follow this through on the invitations. Make sure you include:
  • Birthday Child's name and age
  • Name of Guest
  • Date and time of the party
  • Venue
  • RSVP details
  • Space for any Dietary Requirements
3. Party Games. A great party is made of great classic party games. Pass the parcel is a must, it that includes everyone and is easy to do. Other classics to do would be: Pin the tail (on the donkey or any equivalent), Kim's Game, Musical statues and Simon Says. Also a Pinata goes down very well, who doesn't love a few sweets.

4. Food and Drink. Probably the easiest party food suggestion is to do a little picnic box for each child. Ask for a preference on sandwich but then include a fruit snack, yogurt tube, small packet of crisps and a little chocolate for example. All the same, so no arguments, covers most tastes so little waste and so easy to put together. Give children cartons of juice or small bottles of water, this reduces the chances of spillages! the birthday cake is the centrepiece to any party, if you can make your own go for it, but there is no shame in buying.

5. Décor. Go to town as much as you dare (or budget allows). Decorating the party space will really enhance the party atmosphere and get everyone in the party spirit. Go with the theme you have chosen and try not to go off track or it can feel confusing for guests. Blow up plenty of balloons and have some bubble mix, these not only decorate the party but are great to play with too.

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