Best Easter Party Games For The Family During Lockdown

Best Easter Party Games For The Family During Lockdown
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Best Easter Party Games For The Family During Lockdown

Take a look at our list of exciting Easter party games for kids, to help your family enjoy a great Easter weekend during the lockdown. Discover some of the best ideas to have fun with your children in the festive season with indoor and outdoor activities (if you’re lucky enough to have a garden):

Family Easter Bingo

Fancy a bingo evening with your family? It’s a great chance to encourage your children to pay attention to detail and to develop their organisational skills. This is a fun game that kids enjoy because if they are lucky, you can arrange it so they receive an amazing prize! Maybe the best prize will be a chocolate Easter egg?

Karaoke Songs

To stay safe at home and but still have lots of fun, it would be great to organise a family karaoke party at home. Maybe you’ll discover a future famous singer! We recommend adding to your playlist Easter songs such as the bunny version for the Hokey Pokey song or following some YouTube playlist songs to ensure your children have the best time ever! Click here To Listen To The YouTube Playlist

Easter Bunny Go Fish Card Game

The Easter Bunny Go Fish game is a fantastic classic card game for kids to play indoors and keep them busy without using any devices or electronics, while the adults prepare dinner. To make this game even more fun, we invite you to decorate the game area with Easter labels and award the winner with a delicious Easter Egg. For the occasion, you could make it even more special by adding personalised stickers to the gift! Buy Easter Bunny Go Fish Card Game here

Easter Pinata

We haven’t met a child who doesn’t love a pinata! And what perfect activity during Easter? They won’t stop hitting the pinata until they have all their chocolates or sweets! But you can mix up the game so it isn’t completely chocolate…. Why not fill your Easter pinata with personalised gifts for each family member? At the same time, all gifts can be personalised with your family names labelled. This will make even a more exciting experience, as they will receive an unexpected treat.

Indoor Easter egg hunt

An Easter egg hunt is fun for any age group, but you will have to consider the age of the kids that are playing in order to hide the Easter eggs. However, you can tailor it so it still falls in line with lockdown guidelines. The Easter egg hunt can take place inside your home as you will find plenty of places to perfectly hide your treats, however, if the kids are very little, we recommend leaving some clues on the way.

Create your own Easter egg

Make your own Easter eggs at home for maximum taste and fun. You can let your kids experiment with their creation, enhancing their inspiration capabilities. Let them create while they are cooking! Video recipe of how to make Easter eggs

Indoor Bunny Hop-Scotch

Let your children’s imaginations fly, by letting them draw a hopscotch board using bunny heads instead of the traditional square boxes. With the right materials you can adapt this outdoor activity and let your children play at home. Your children’s room will be the perfect place to enjoy this game without messing up the rest of the house.

To make it even more fun, use a jellybean to play! Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, keep yourself and family safe by spending time at home making this festive season an amazing experience for your kids by practising some of our fun indoor activities. The main priority for all of us is to fight against coronavirus and continue with our normal lives as soon as possible!

With Easy2name you can also decorate your house and game areas with personalised ribbons to make your Easter games even more special. We offer an online delivering service with a variety of personalised ribbons that your smaller ones, family and friends will absolutely love. Discover all our labels from

Hopefully, April will bring sunshine to the UK allowing children to play outdoor games in your garden, but in case the weather isn’t as great as we wish, all of the above can be done inside!

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