Top Children's Party Themes for 2017

Union Jack Bunting
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Top Children's Party Themes for 2017

Is it your child's birthday coming up? How about one of these themes for their next birthday party? These are Easy2name's top picks on birthday party themes for 2017. 1. London Design a train ticket style or London street sign party invitation, have union jack bunting and make an underground sign banner with the child's name in the middle (where the station name goes). Offer scones and cupcakes with London themed decorations (London bus, London Eye, Phone boxes) on the top.  


2. Fruity Tutti Create the look with a fruit pinata, fruity party hats, watermelon design bunting and hang up fruit themed honeycomb balls everywhere.  


3. Unicorn Use pastel colours and rainbows everywhere. Make little cupcakes with small ice cream cones upside down on the top and decorate anything edible with hundreds and thousands. Play 'pin the horn on the unicorn' and 'throw hoops on a cone'.  


4. Fossil Make salt dough dinosaur fossils (by pressing plastic dinosaur figures into salt dough) and hide them in a sandpit for a fun finding party game. Make yummy party cookies again using the dinosaur figurines, pressing them into cookie dough. We love the idea for party favours, guests going to a Dino Adoption Center (box of dinosaur figurines) picking out their very own fossil figure to take home. You could have a fossil identification game, pick up a set online and let guests guess what the fossils are.    


Have fun party planning and we hope your child has a brilliant birthday whatever they are doing. The Easy2name Team.

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