7 Ways to make your child’s lockdown birthday memorable

7 Ways to make your child’s lockdown birthday memorable
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7 Ways to make your child’s lockdown birthday memorable

Let’s say it’s your child’s birthday… and we are still in lockdown. But fear not we have some great ideas to ensure your little ones will still have a fun and memorable day
  1. Family fancy dress

Let the birthday girl or boy choose the fancy dress theme and everyone in the household must dress up to match. This is sure to brighten up your little one’s day, and not to mention anyone else who may see you. Get the whole household creative by using anything you find in the house to make costumes, from cereal boxes and milk cartons to washing up liquid bottles.
  1. Pamper session

If your kid loves doing face masks and manicures with you then turn their birthday into one big pamper session. You could even try the latest safe hair dye craze using tissue paper on your little ones, don’t worry it washes out.
  1. Make it bold, bright and colourful

Whatever you have planned for their party, by decorating the house with lots of bright colours it is sure to help brighten their day. Turn your house into a rainbow of colours and watch the smile on their face light up when they see what you’ve done.
  1. Virtual birthday party

They may not be able to spend the day with their friends and other family members, but they can see them all virtually. Invite them all to a virtual birthday party via platforms such as Zoom. This way your children get to see everyone they care about on their special day. It also gives them that all-important social time. Plan some games you can do online for everyone’s enjoyment – such as a family favourite game of charades, and online Pictionary (we love Let’s Draw It) or Bingo! If attendees know in advance, you can also request they send online cards your child can read out during the party. Even better, get a cake ready for everyone to sing happy birthday and watch your little one blow out the candles!
  1. Indoor family disco

It is unlikely your kids have been able to attend their school disco in the last year. So why not get the disco ball out. Dress up in your finest, turn out the lights, crank up the tunes and dance the night away. Have your own indoor family disco and let your kids decide the playlist in advance.
  1. Camp out under the stars

If your kids are more into nature than partying, have a special camp out under the stars… in your back garden. Make a fire, toast some marshmallows, sing some songs, string some fairy lights up, just make sure you bring the blankets out. This is a great lockdown birthday idea for those who love exploring the great outdoors.
  1. Make their dreams come true

This is more suitable for slightly older children but can still be fun. Before their birthday ask them, if they could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Whatever they say, make that the theme for the day. This could be challenging depending on their answer, but that’s half the fun! Make decorations, cook relevant food, and create games to match. Find out as much as you can about the place, and get your kids involved too as it could make for a great geography lesson. There are so many great birthday party ideas for lockdown. But the most important thing is to remember to make this day a big event. Make it as special as you would out of lockdown. It is more important than ever to show your kids how much they mean and how special their birthday is during these times. If you are looking at making their gifts more personalised, we have some fun and brilliant name labels. Naming items is a great way of solving arguments when siblings are trying to accuse the other of stealing their toy too!. Have a look at our full range of personalised items to get inspired.
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