Child Friendly New Years Eve Party Ideas

New years hats
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Child Friendly New Years Eve Party Ideas

Have fun this New Years with the children; celebrate as a family with these fun ideas.    

Try making some Countdown bags, fill a paper bag with an activity or treat for each child to open every hour leading up to midnight. Bags could contain:

  • ‘Year in Review’ questionnaires,
  • Balloons to decorate, and streamers to put on the Christmas tree
  • Party hats to make and decorate
  • Games like New Year bingo, ‘pin the hands on the clock’, Hoopla with glow rings.
  • Snacks,
  • Party Blowers
  • Card/paper to cut and make confetti
  • Scavenger hunt,
  • Face paints,
  • Photo booth props
  • A glass of milk, mega milkshake or ‘Mocktail’ and cookies for the midnight toast.

Do as many as you wish, or however many you think your children will stay up for!

Happy New Year, The Easy2name Team.

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