Shoe Name Labels

In need of shoe name labels? We have a collection of easily customisable labels that are perfect for kids' school shoes.

School Name Labels for Shoes

Easy2Name’s school shoe name labels come in a variety of sizes and design options.

Our premium Bright & Brilliant Shoe name labels are pre-laminated and can be applied to a shoe without the need for an additional label cover. Alternatively, combine our hugely popular stick on labels with our shoe label covers to create a durable and highly effective shoe label.

All our children's shoe name labels are quick and easy to apply and are made to last!

How to Label School Shoes

Easy2Name’s range of school shoe labels are made using the best materials and strongest adhesive so they stay in place for longer and feature colours that stay brighter and will not fade or smudge. Simply unpeel from the sticker backing and apply to the inner heel of the shoe - it's that simple! Here are some of our top tips for designing your own shoe labels:

  • Choose easy to read fonts so names are clear and obvious for children
  • Opt for bright bold colours to make the inner shoe label stand out when compared to similar shoes
  • Use different colours for the left and right shoe name label to help children with their learning
  • Let your children choose their own show label theme designs so they instantly recognise their shoes when looking for them..

Labels for every type of shoe

Our customised shoe labels are ideal for naming gym shoes, school shoes, dance shoes, football boots, rugby boots and even wellies! They are essential for children who need footwear for different activities either during the school day or at after school clubs. 

You can also find our shoe labels in our Holiday Labelling value pack and Care Home value pack.

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