Labels for School Supplies

Easy to use personalised stickers for school supplies. Keep your kids' school equipment safe and stop having to buy replacements. Take a look at our full range below.

Sticky Name Labels for School Equipment

Use our sticky name labels to securely label all your child's school equipment and keep the lost property to a minimum. Our sticky labels are super easy to apply and feature a high strength adhesive to ensure they stay applied throughout your child’s busy school schedule. 

Choose from micro stick on labels to larger labels for school supplies and sports equipment - our labels for kids come in a variety of designs and shapes to suit your needs!

Stick on Labels make everyone's life easier

Our sticky custom labels help reduce the sheer amount of items that might get lost during the school day. Children are often moving around school, getting changed into sports kit and constantly emptying and filling their school bag - customised school name labels are essential. 

Children can also choose their own designs, colours and favourite themes to make their school kit labels stand out and easily recognisable. Choose from a huge range of kids label designs including animal labels, princess themed labels, sports labels to name but a few.

Ordering with Easy2Name is simple - simply choose your label design or theme from a wide range of colours and sizes, then add your personalised label text and confirm your final design preview before ordering. All our sticky name labels are shipped the next day by 1st Class Royal Mail post.

Our labels for kids school supplies are really easy to use

Our labels for kids are easy to apply, tough and long lasting. In addition our stick on labels are waterproof and completely dishwasher safe. 

Our school equipment labels are suitable for lunch boxes, pencils, pencil cases, school bags, sports equipment and many other school items. These personalised school labels help teachers and staff quickly identify your child's property. 

Easy2name’s stick on labels have been designed with busy parents and carers in mind. They are the simplest and quickest way of labelling your children’s clothes and kit. Simply peel from the backing and stick firmly to the item or care tag of the garment – no ironing or sewing required!

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