School Starter Pack

Our school label starter packs have everything you need to label and organise your child’s belongings. Take a closer look at our back to school variety packs below.

Personalised School Label Packs

Our handy personalised school label starter packs are ideal if you are not sure what labels you need for all the various back to school equipment, kit and clothing. Not only are these school label packs better value for money, they also come in various pack sizes and types to make sure you have the right school name label for every item.

For little ones just starting school or nursery then our School Labelling Starter pack is perfect. This contains 40 themed clothing stickers, 16 shoe labels, 5o mini name stickers for pencils and equipment as well as 16 large name labels for bottles and lunch boxes. On top of all that you get two personalised bag tags as well - everything you need for when school starts.

If you need to top up your current name label supplies then our School Labelling Value Pack contains 30 of our Stick Easy or Iron-On Labels, 60 equipment stickers and 20 extra shoe label covers.

For those that need to cover absolutely every eventuality then our School Label Everything Covered pack is a must. This is our largest school label value pack and represents the best value for money. This name label pack comes with over 120 labels in various sizes including clothes labels, equipment labels and shoe labels, as well as bag tags, a bottle band and 25 clip on Easytags (our most secure naming tag).

Back to school ready

Our personalised back to school name label packs are a great way to stay organised and ready for those busy mornings when suddenly a new school item needs to be labelled quickly before you rush out the door! 

Our naming value packs are all custom printed in the UK and dispatched within 48 hours (sometimes even quicker) by Royal Mail 1st Class Post. All our name labels are machine washable, dishwasher, dryer & microwave safe and designed to last using only the best materials.

Looking for something else? We also offer alternative ranges of value packs covering nursery name labels, care home name labels, labels and tags for family holidays and kids days out.

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