How to Get the Kids Into a Routine When Home After School

How to Get the Kids Into a Routine When Home After School
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How to Get the Kids Into a Routine When Home After School

You’ve managed to get the morning routine down to a tee and the kids all went off to school without too much hassle. But, what about after school? It’s important for your little ones to have a routine when they get home. This is to make sure all the important tasks are done such as homework, dinner, and preparing for the next day. 

To make things easier we have put together a step-by-step of how to get your kids into a routine to make your evenings easier and less stressful. 

On the journey home 

Your kids may meet you filled with pent up energy. If this is the case, take them to your local park for half an hour to run around and use up all that excess energy. That way when you get home, they should be calmer, and the rest of the evening should be easier without your little ones running around like crazy.  

On the contrary, if they are tired when they get out try to keep them awake so you don’t disrupt their evening and sleep routine. This is the perfect time to ask how their day was, what they enjoyed doing, what they learned etc. and helps them get into the habit of opening up so you know what’s going on in their lives.  

As soon as they get home… 

When your little ones walk through that door, if left to their own devices they would probably go to their room or play. Make sure they get their lunch box out of their backpack and put it in a designated place. This will make sure you don’t find any rotten apple cores or curdled yoghurt pots in a few days. Then get them to put their homework on the table or desk they work at and place the backpack in another designated location.  

This is also the perfect time for them change out of their uniform into comfier clothing.  

Snack time 

After they have completed the above it is a great time for them to have a little snack, whether that is a piece of fruit or a chocolate bar. Having this before their homework will give them a little time to relax and reset from the school day. 

Do they have any homework? 

If they have homework, now is the perfect time for them to complete it so that it is over and done with before dinner. If they are particularly stuck, sit down with them and go through it to ensure they understand what they need to do, why and help them keep engaged. 

Independent play time before dinner 

Time on their own after school is important so that they can wind down. This could be playing in the garden, watching TV, playing with toys and more. It also gives you time to prepare dinner, clean out lunchboxes etc. 

Dinner time 

Having dinner at a set time each evening during school days will make it easier for your kids to get into a routine. We understand that sometimes it isn’t possible as life gets in the way but aiming for a similar time will make your life easier. 

Bath time 

Good hygiene is important so factor in bath time after dinner if possible. This is also a great way for your kid to start unwinding and relaxing before bedtime.  

Quiet time 

If there is still time before bed, make sure that whatever they do isn’t too stimulating to keep them awake. This could be listening to music, reading a book, or colouring. Try and avoid your kids using electronic devices too close to bedtime as the light will stimulate their brains and make them more awake. 

Bathroom time  

A good bedtime routine should always include bathroom time. Washing their face, brushing their teeth, and going to the toilet is essential before bed and will help them develop good hygiene habits.  

Book and bed 

A regular bedtime routine is important for their bodies to realise when they are winding down and going to sleep. So make sure their bedtime is quiet and relaxed. Perhaps read a book or two to them to help them wind down after a busy day. Make sure bedtime is at the same time each night to help them further establish a routine. 

When they are asleep – make sure you ready for tomorrow 

The kids are in bed, now it is your time to relax and unwind. However, make sure they have everything ready for tomorrow from clean uniform to a fresh packed lunch (if applicable). Getting these tasks over and done with will help reduce those worries that often occur first thing in the morning. 

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