Best First Day of School Photo Ideas

Best First Day of School Photo Ideas

Best First Day of School Photo Ideas

Is your little one heading off to their first year of primary school this September? We know what a precious time this is for parents, so we want to help you capture the proud moment forever. What better way to do this than a small first day of school photo shoot? 

Even if it isn’t your child’s first time going to school, it’s still fun to snap the first day of the new school year so in years to come you can look back at their growth throughout the years. 

From DIY chalkboard signs to homemade props and decorations, here’s our list of the best first day of school photo ideas! 

Chalk a message 

Child holding chalkboard
Image source: Canva 

Homemade signs for your little ones to hold up are a great prop idea for first day of school photos. Personalise them any which way you like. For the best keepsake photos, we recommend adding the year, your child’s age, and a fun question to ask each year, like what their favourite subject is. This way you can visibly see the change and growth when you look back at all the photos in the future! 

Once in a Balloon Moon 

Child with balloons
Image source: Canva 

The first day of school is only experienced once in a little one’s lifetime so why not go all out on decorations! Help turn their day into something to look forward to, instead of something to be anxious about, by getting out the balloons and celebration décor. Then, use your party set-up as background for the cutest photos! 

Get creative with red balloons by adding green paper leaves and turning them into apples! 

Write it Out 

Family looking at a scrapbook
Image source: Canva 

Another cute idea is incorporating a first day of school poem. You could incorporate it directly in the photo by writing it out on a display board or you could write it out in a scrapbook next to the printed out photo – either way, a poem acts as a great expression of how you and your little one were feeling on the big day! 

Here’s a couple of our favourites: 

The First day of school 

I’ve got a brand-new lunchbox. 

My shoes are shiny clean. 

I’ve got a cool, new bookbag 

And a pencil box that’s green. 

But I don’t know my teacher, 

Or where my desk will be. 

I don’t know if I’ll like the kids, 

Or if they’ll play with me. 

I peek inside my classroom. 

I stand there for a while. 

My teacher’s tall and kind of loud, 

But has a great big smile. 

And, best of all, she’s got my 

Favourite book upon the shelf! 

I kiss my mother at the door 

And walk in by myself. 


‘Twas The Night Before School Starts 

‘Twas the night before school starts and all through the house 

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. 

The backpacks were hung by the front door with care 

In hopes that the morning soon would be there. 

The children were restlessly sleeping in bed. 

While Mumma, a million things rushed in her head. 

Once all were asleep, happy school dreams arose. 

With visions of friends, teachers, apples and clean clothes. 

For in just a few hours, the new day would come, 

And all would awake to the bright morning sun. 

Kids would put on fresh clothes, new shoes and a smile 

And fidget and fumble with nerves for a while. 

Then bravely stand up with a smile and say 

“I’m ready to do this. Let’s get on our way!” 

Mum would take a few pictures and wipe a small tear 

For the long awaited first day of school was now here! 

Happy first day of school to all...and to all a great first day! 

-Beckie Black 

As easy as A, B, C 

Letterboard 'Oh Happy Day'
Image source: Canva 

Use letterboards as an alternative prop to chalkboards. Write out the date and a little quote for an added touch of special! 

Through the Frame 

Child smiling through a frame
Image source: Canva 

For a budget-friendly photo idea that the kids can get involved with, reuse old carboard to make a school-themed frame and decorate in any which way you like! We’ve seen some great frames decorated with old crayons and stationery. 


Two children as superheroes
Image source: Canva 

If your little one is feeling a little worried about their first day, help ease their nerves with a superhero themed photoshoot! This can be as simple or extravagant as you or they like; snap them in a ‘power pose’, or with their favourite action figure, or dressed up with capes and goggles!  

This is such a fun idea for photos and will give your little one that extra confidence boost they need to smash their first day of school! 

The power of words 

Child smiling with books
Image source: Canva 

If superheroes don’t appeal, what about posing with their favourite story book. That way, each year you can see what their favourite book was, giving a little snippet of their hobbies and favourites through the ages.  

Graduation’s calling 

Easy2name's Letter Transfers
Easy2name's Letter Transfers

Another way to see the change through the years is by buying an adult-sized t-shirt and personalising it with their name and graduation year. Then, have them wear it each year until graduation and see the years of growth and change in a snapshot! 

An easy way to personalise a shirt is using Easy2name’s Letter Transfers - ironed on in less than 15 seconds! 

All in this together 

Group of school children
Image source: Canva 

If your child is heading to school with friends already made, be sure to get a shot of them all outside the school, ready for their first day so they can look back on their friendship in years to come.  

If the school is completely new to your little one, try a photo at the end of their first day, with the friends they have just made. Kids will jump at the chance to pose with their new besties, and it gives you an opportunity to bond with the other parents. 

Go with tradition! 

School photo outside front door
Image source: Canva 

You can’t beat the traditional full uniform photo, taken outside the front door just as you’re about to leave for school. Bonus points if you can get other family members in, especially yourself, so you can recreate on their last day of education and document your own change through these years, as well as your child’s! 

At the end of the day, remember... 

Don’t get too caught up in getting the perfect photo – kids don’t have the same level of patience for it! Focus on supporting your little one in preparation for their big day. Make sure their school bag is packed and ready to go, with everything labelled. For a first day of school preparation checklist, read our blog on how to prepare your kids for school. 

To make things easy for you, we have a specially designed everything covered value pack that has all you need to label everything for school. Use our school labelling guide for advice on which products work best on which items and check out our full range of labels here. 

Wishing your little one the best of luck for their first day! 

Author: Anna Allam

9 months ago
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