Unique Children's Bedroom Themes & Ideas

A picture of a child's room, decorated with neutral colours and light wooden furniture
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Unique Children's Bedroom Themes & Ideas

Image source: canva Your child’s bedroom can influence their daily lives in so many ways – it can relax, inspire, educate and, crucially, it can support their development into well-balanced individuals. The trick is finding themes and décor to create a wonderful environment that your child will love. Sound difficult? Check out our unique kid’s bedroom ideas below, dig out your paintbrush and overalls, and get planning!

Shoot for the Stars

Space themed is a great idea for any young and curious mind. A spaced themed kids room offers endless exciting possibilities as well as being educational. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]A picture of a child's nursery at night with a star light projector and star hanging mobile Image source: Unsplash[/caption] How about a unique DIY constellation wall to set the theme? Print yourself out a constellation pattern or chart to copy and use a silver sharpie paint pen, or standard wall paint and a thin brush, to create an out-of-this-world idea that will add gorgeous detail to any room! Laura made some DIY star stamps to go with her constellation lines but if you’re pushed for time, you can always find some ready-made stamps on Amazon and go from there.

Light up the Sky

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]A picture of a space night light that projects colourful stars and moon shapes onto the wall Image source: Canva[/caption] For older kids, a room that incorporates lots of storage and work areas into an electrifying space adventure theme is perfect. Pair simple LED colour changing light strips and a night light projector with space themed bed sheets, like these rocket ones, and glow-in-the-dark wall stars and you can turn any room into a magnificent mission control!

May the Force Be With You

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]A group of Star Wars figurines on a table Image source: Unsplash[/caption] Got a Star Wars fan in the family? Find yourself some themed bedding and some Star Wars wall stickers that will really bring the battle-space to life! Red and black are great colours to emphasise here to make the room feel immersed in a deep space exploration!

Sail Away

If your child prefers their adventures a little closer to home, try a classic nautical themed room. This idea is super easy to replicate on a small budget. Simply stick to neutral tones, using blue and red as accents, and pick a few well-placed knickknacks or pieces of art, like a metal anchor or compass, and remember that stripes are in! For practical and ornamental use, try some themed fairy lights like these cute shell ones! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]A child's nursery decorated with a nautical theme Image source: Canva[/caption]

X Marks the Spot

Or you could set sail for a room taking inspiration from Captain Hook and Pirates of the Caribbean to create a space they will treasure forever! Make use of the famous skull and crossbones, pirate hats, gold coins and old maps for an easy up-do. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, a homemade boat bed is sure to wow any little one! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]A person holding an old treasure map Image source: Unsplash[/caption]

Under the Sea

Explore the hidden world below the waves with an underwater theme. Pick blue and green tones, make use of texture for fun coral reefs and display all sorts of sea creatures for a sea-nic kids room! Check out this DIY using old netting to create a highly effective ocean themed wall display. Why not add our Whale Door Sticker for a real theme setter right from the door? [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]A picture of starfish, fish and seahorse ornaments decorating a bedroom wall Image source: Canva[/caption]

Animal Kingdom

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]A child's bedroom with a tree-house bed, decorated with small bunting and balloon lights and with a faux tree in the foreground Image source: Unsplash[/caption] Or perhaps your child prefers keeping their head above the water? A jungle theme will provide all the excitement and ample opportunity to get creative! If you’re feeling brave, any child will agree that this tree house bedframe is a masterpiece. You can easily incorporate faux greenery found in your local garden centre to create fabulous sensory textures, and jungle animal soft toys roaming free will be the final flourish!

Our new Door Stickers are perfect for jungle explorers and act as a great way to add personalisation to the room! If you don't want these on the outside of the room, they're great for wardrobe doors or other smooth surfaces too!Easy2Name's Tiger Door Sticker Easy2Name's Lion Door Sticker


Forest Fantasy

To create this whimsical dream, use a small tent and tree wallpaper for endless hours of fun imagining camping adventures in a magical forest with your child. This nursery from Mary’s Making blog uses the cutest DIY directional sign to really involve all the classic childhood worlds, like Peter Pan’s Neverland, within one room. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]A picture containing an indoor child's tent in a room with fairy lights and teddy bears Image source: Canva[/caption]

Happily Ever After

To make your child King or Queen of their castle, play around with these fabulous bed canopies that you can sprinkle with magic by adding hanging fairy lights. Complete the look with floral patterns and soft colours. Adding a fairy door is a beautiful way to involve your children in the decorating of their own space and will be the crowning glory to a room fit for any little prince or princess. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="705"]A picture of a pink bed canopy with fairy lights, hanging above a pink bed Image source: Canva[/caption]

5 Easy DIY’s to use for Décor

  1. An easy DIY using rope and tree branches is a great way to display your child’s favourite cuddly toys and would work well with the woodland or fairy-tale themes!
  2. Homemade bunting is so easy to make and personalise with any colour or pattern and will add a gorgeous finish to a cosy room.
  3. A personalised floral letter print takes no time at all – just pick your frame and faux flowers and glue them onto a card background – yet it can have such an impact.
  4. Chalkboard paint adds a tonne of fun to a plain wall! It allows the kids to experiment with their own decorating but isn’t permanent. Say goodbye to frantically trying to remove pen stains from the rest of your house; this wall is meant to be defaced!
  5. Simple things like painted and personalised storage boxes add the final touches to a space and keep it tidy!
For more organisation hacks to add the finishing details to your child’s room and make things look neat & tidy, Easy2Name has an exciting new range of personalised home organisation stickers that will match with any look! Check out our blog post on helping your child to stay organised too!  

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