10 Top Tips on Preparing for the Kids' School Holidays

10 Top Tips on Preparing for the Kids' School Holidays

10 Top Tips on Preparing for the Kids' School Holidays

It’s nearly that time again. The time when you have 6 weeks (or more) to amuse and occupy your kids through the summer. Whether you are a full time working or a stay-at-home parent this can be a stressful time, especially with younger ones who need more attention and more activities to keep them entertained.  

To help relieve the stress we have 10 great tips to prepare for your kids’ summer holidays. 

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Ask them what they would like to do or achieve this summer 

This is a great tip to prepare your kids for the holidays. Simply sit them down and have a conversation about what they would like to do this summer. What do they see themselves doing to have fun? 

Do they want to learn how to draw, go out for more walks or go to a certain place? If you ask them in advance, you can do your research and either book them into summer camps, buy the relevant supplies or simply buy tickets for days out. By asking them what they want to do, you can be assured that they will have fun and stay amused for longer. 

Consider a family meal planner 

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If you have a lot of children or if you are working over the summer, it is a great idea to be organised with meals. By planning your meals in advance you can create a simple grocery list to make your food shop as stress free as possible. Plus, if you get your kids involved in the planning you can make sure they get their choices planned in as well.  

You could even make special theme meals on certain days such as Taco Tuesday or Spicy Saturday.  

Plan for rainy days 

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Let’s face it, the weather in the UK is unpredictable on the best of days so make sure you plan for the rainy summer days. There are lots of activities you can plan from board games and indoor picnics to drawing and painting. We have written a great craft blog to help inspire you. 

Book classes and camps early to avoid disappointment 

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Make sure that if your children are attending any camps or summer courses to book early to make sure they get a space. Check out what is going on in your area and ask your children if they are interested in any of these. Not only will this be a chance for your kids to make more friends and learn a new skill, but it gives you time back to relax or catch up with the housework. 

Stock up crafting materials 

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Craft days are an easy way to amuse your kids. They are easy to arrange and can often mean you get some time to focus on other tasks. Make sure you stock up on all the crafting materials you could need such as pipe cleaners, paper, pens, pencils, glitter, and anything else you can think of. Visit your local arts and craft shop to gather all the supplies so you are ready for your kids to get creative. 

Buy a scrapbook for each kid to record their holiday 

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This is a fantastic way for your little ones to record everything they do on their holidays and a brilliant book they can take to school for show-and-tell. They can collect items to stick in, include photos or even write about their day.  Make sure you buy the scrapbook early and even encourage them to decorate the front cover with coloured paper, glitter, feathers or even items they find on a walk. Let their creative minds go wild! 

Buy/fill in your planner with important dates 

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Before you plan any play dates, day outs or camps make sure you get your diary out and fill in any important dates you already know about such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. so you don’t double book yourself by accident. 

Stock up your cupboards with baking ingredients 

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Baking and cooking is a great activity to do with your kids. From rice crispy cakes to bread there are plenty of yummy recipes to make with your little bakers. So, make sure your cupboards are stocked up with everything you could need such as eggs, flour, yeast, piping bags etc. This is also another great rainy-day activity to keep them amused when they can’t play in the garden. 

Book in playdates now 

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Make sure you get in touch with parents now to book in playdates during the holidays. Social interaction with their friends is very important and their friends may be going away or have their own plans. So make sure you book in playdates early to ensure they have time with their friends over the summer holidays.  

Make sure their outdoor toys and equipment are clean and solid 

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It may have been a while since they played out in the garden on any of their swings, slides, trampoline, or any other equipment so make sure you clean it before they start clambering on it again. Also, make sure all equipment is still in good working order, check for splintered wood, make sure the frames are still sturdy with minimal rust to avoid any accidents. If they have an outdoor Wendy house, it is the perfect time to get the kids to help re-paint and decorate it.  

So there you have it. These are our 10 top tips to prepare for your kids’ long summer break to keep them amused and you as stress free as possible.  

Make sure you factor in some fun days out if you can, such as to the zoo or a museum to help build fun memories with them.  

But we understand how stressful it can be arranging and taking your kids someplace new, especially if they have a habit of wondering off. To give you some peace of mind we have created these colourful ID wristbands. You can add their name and your phone number in case they get lost. These are the perfect ICE (In Case of Emergency) bracelets and your kids can even choose their favourite colour.  

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