What Type of Parent are You?

A picture of a child's colourful leggings and pink shoes covered in mud
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What Type of Parent are You?

Image source: Canva You’ve probably noticed by now the different styles of parenting of your fellow mums and dads while waiting for your kids in the school playground; Betty is always there at exactly 3 O’clock every afternoon; Daniel tends to turn up with new scooters every other week and Anne lets her kids walk home by themselves already. Sound familiar? Here’s the explanation behind it all.

The Control Freak

Do you plan out playtime? Is your favourite hobby a trip to Ikea for storage containers?

A picture of an organised kids playroom Image source: Canva 

As the Control Freak parent, you are often identified by the way you store and tidy toys. You love to employ the use of zip-lock bags, labelled and colour coded for different sized Legos; woven baskets of blankets and soft toys and many other storage vessels to make up the most aesthetic looking homes. You’ll be there at every event, volunteering or helping to pack away, and always arrive early to grab the front row seats. Must-haves: A weekly planner, a bag filled with the kitchen sink and Easy2Name's Organisation Labels Positives: Your children always know you’ll be there for them, and 5 minutes early too! Negatives: It gets quite tiring having to carry around the kitchen sink. Want to become a bit more organised like the Control Freak of your friendship group? Check out the full range of Easy2Name's labels and stickers now for the ultimate organisation hack

The Free Ranger

Do your kids have a bedtime, or do they just go to bed when they feel sleepy?

A picture of a child's colourful leggings and pink shoes covered in mud Image source: Canva 

The Free Ranger parenting style is more than happy to just go with the flow, taking each day as it comes. Your child is in your sight, it’s the weekend and you can hear that they’re playing happily, so what’s the problem? It doesn’t matter that they’re covered in dirt, it’ll wash out. And school’s just around the corner so they can definitely manage walking to and from by themselves on weekdays. They deserve their freedom, and a little responsibility is good for them. Must haves: Strong washing powder, spare house keys for the kids to let themselves in and a pack of Easy2Name's Transparent Shoe Label Covers to keep their shoe name labels clean under dirty socks! Positives: Your children will be strong and independent; you’re setting them up for life in the real world quickly. Negatives: Sometimes the washing machine needs to be put on twice.

The Friend

Do you love getting involved in every activity your child does? Are parent-child outings to the cinema or toy shop on your daily agenda?

A mum and her child holding ice cream cones Image source: Canva 

The Friend mum or dad believes in being just that - a friend - to their children, which can sometimes lead to a little bit (a lot) of spoiling. Anything they want it’s theirs. Ice-cream for breakfast? Why the hell not? You want to sleep in the pillow fort? Cool idea! I’ll join you. This is very much the “I’m not a regular mum, I’m a cool mum” role but it means your child always has someone to play with. They feel like they can share anything with you because you’re best friends and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Must-haves: Up-to-date lingo knowledge to be ‘down’ with the kids and matching Bright & Brilliant Large stickers for your matching lunchboxes. Positives: Your child will always feel they can share their problems with you. Negatives: Sometimes adult responsibilities (like work) can ruin the vibe.

The Helicopter

Your children are at a playdate – hadn’t you better just ring them to make sure they’re okay? Do you love learning all things safety?

A mum closely watching over her daughter play with craft beads Image source: Canva 

The Helicopter parent is always there. Hovering with a healthy snack constantly on hand. You are the worrier warrior. ‘Be back by 10’ and ‘text me when you get there’ are crucial parts of your vocab. Some see it as overbearing, you see it as your way of showing you love them. They’ll always know you’ve got their back and you’re teaching them to be super responsible so you can stop worrying…one day. Must-haves: Matching Hi-Vis jackets for you and your child, first aid training and Easy2Name’s Safety Wristbands Positives: You’re good at staying on top of everything – all the time. Negatives: As much as you’d love one, you don’t actually have a third eye in the back of your head…it would be handy, though.

The Tiger Mama

Do you expect top grades from your children? Is your week packed with extra-curriculums and enrichments?

A young boy holding up a trophy Image source: Canva

Tiger Mamas and Papas strongly disagree with the notion of being a friend to their children (sorry to all The Friend parents out there) and instead make it their mission to ensure their child succeeds in this cruel world. A little bit of tough love now and then never hurt anyone and if it means your child will have a fast-track to triumph then playing ‘bad cop’ is worth it. Your children will learn a lot of valuable lessons and one day they’ll see this as your gift to them. Must-haves: A good ‘scary face’, resistance to puppy dog eyes and personalised Children’s Drawstring Bags, perfect for all your child’s extra-curriculars. Positives: Your children will be top of the class and extremely well-behaved. Negatives: Resisting puppy dog eyes regularly can eat away at your soul a bit! Did any sound familiar? Or maybe you’re a mix of a few? Let us know over on our Instagram @Easy2namelabels!

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