School Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising at schools is always a challenge. Here at Easy2name we run a very successful school fundraising scheme. Simply register your school or nursery with us and for every order we receive from your group you will get 20% back in commission. This soon adds up and is such a big help in raising those additional school funds.

Fundraising is so important to every school or childcare group, every penny will really help support children’s learning. So what other fundraising ideas can be done to raise money. Here are our favourites:

Cake Sale. Not too much effort and can raise some good money. Everyone loves a sweet treat. Do one per class per week or half term, maybe compete to see who can raise the most.

Fundraising cake sale

Fetes. Almost a given that schools will run a summer and Christmas fair. These are big fundraisers but do involve a lot of work to make them successful, so plan early and get as many people to help as possible.

Event evenings. Again can be a lot of effort but good fun and good money spinners. How about an evening to celebrate Burns night, Octoberfest, Quiz night etc.

Cook book. A bit different but a nice keepsake for pupils and staff. Get them to write or draw their favourite recipe and put them together in a book, companies are out there to put them together and you keep most of the profit for school.

Recipe book

Fun Run. Can be as simple as a loop around the school field, but it will get everyone together to get some exercise and charging an entrance fee will bring in the money.

Top Tip: Always have a refreshment stall and raffle at any event, it will boost your funds.

Look at our Pinterest Board for more school fundraising ideas.

Good luck fundraising and do check out our very own Easy2name Fundraising webpage to get 20% from all orders your school places with us.

The Easy2name Team.


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