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Easy2name operates a very successful fundraising scheme which is a great way to raise funds for nurseries, schools and groups. We will send you a fundraising pack which will include as many order forms as you need to give out, stickers with the group name on them (to identify the forms), samples and posters. Alternatively you can change to our electronic system and we will send you an email that you can forward to all of your group members.

All you'll need to do is forward the email or stick on the labels and distribute the forms. Any orders we receive by post, phone or at will attract a generous 20% commission. This is paid on request and all commission will remain valid for one year.

We send the labels straight to the customers so you have no work to do other than distributing the order forms.

Please fill in the details below and we will send you the pack.

Existing groups please fill in your details below to request the email or more leaflets