Low cost, DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Children

Low cost, DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Children

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ’tis near Halloween.'"

That’s right, it’s nearly that time of the year again. The night when mini witches and baby vampires are seen hand in hand, roaming the streets with bags filling up with sweets. When cobwebs become decorations and pumpkins illuminate our front doors, casting an eerie glow on our path.  

We love Halloween here; it is the perfect time to be creative with all things spooky and scary. But All Hallows Eve doesn’t have to be an expensive time. To save you money, we are here to share some great DIY costume ideas for your little devils. 

By the pricking of my thumb something wicked this way comes

Let’s face it, all our kids are little devils at some point, so why not dress them up as ones? This is a simple costume as all you need is red clothing, a pair of devil horns and a tail, which you could make out of material. For a 3D tail, simply buy some red tights, cut them in half so you have one leg. Stuff this with newspaper and then sew it onto the costume. You could even add a little point using card to make it extra devilish. 

Well, well, well! What have we here? 

Some people class this movie as a Christmas film, but we love watching Nightmare Before Christmas on All Hallows Eve and one of the easiest costumes from this is the scary Oogie Boogie.  

All you need is a plain brown or hessian sack, ideally the same height as your kids. Then cut out eye holes. To complete the look why not attach some dice to the sack. Now they are all ready to go! 

Hubble bubble toil and trouble 

The classics are often the best and we love dressing our little ones up as witches. There are so many options and ways to be creative with this costume.  

Simply pick up a plain black witch’s hat from one of the cheap shops. Then get the glitter pens, paints, feathers and any material out for your little ones to use to decorate their hat. Then all they need is a black dress or top and trousers. Don’t forget the broom!  

Casper isn’t the only ghost in town 

Should you find you are short of time and don’t have a costume, a ghost is always an easy go to idea. All you need is a white bed sheet; then just cut eye holes out. To keep the sheet from flying away you could also tie some string around the waist to keep it down.  

To up your ghoul game, add some lights, such as glowsticks or battery powered fairy lights to the bottom of the sheet to give your little Casper an eerie glow.  

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? 

If your children don’t want to go for a more typical Halloween costume, why not get them to dress up as their favourite superhero. Whether they like the Hulk, the Joker or Superman let them choose whether they want to be the hero or villain for the night.  

These can be great to make at home.  For extra creative points, why not get your kid to make up their own superhero? Get them to decorate a large piece of material for their cape and buy a cheap plastic mask to paint. Then all they need now is their own emblem for the front. 

Incy wincy spider, eat your heart out 

This is a very easy costume to make and looks so effective. All you need to turn your little monkeys into creepy little spiders is black tights, newspaper and black clothing including top, trousers and gloves. 

Simply, cute down the middle of the tights so you have two separate legs. Do this to three pairs in total so you have 6 extra legs. Then stuff each leg with newspaper – we recommend putting rolled newspaper in one leg, twisting it to create a ‘bend’ in the leg, then filling the rest of the leg. Sew it on the side of their top. Repeat the step 5 more times so that they have 3 extra legs on each side. Then simply attach string to the ‘bend’ in the legs and tie it to their elbows. This means when they raise their arms the legs will raise and give a scary (but cute) spider effect.  

Welcome to the land of the dead 

A spooky skeleton costume is a Halloween classic, yet so easy to DIY! All you need are some black and white face paints to paint a skeleton on their face – there are tutorials everywhere for this, for beginners and the more expert! For a double DIY, find an old, black t-shirt and leggings to paint on bones with white chalk or paint. 

A homemade costume can be more special to your child, not to mention unique. When your little ones step out to go trick or treating or a spooky party, they will be the only one wearing that exact outfit.  

After finishing your little one’s Halloween outfits why not personalise it with a variety of our no sew, no iron-on labels. It’s the perfect solution if you are stuck for time and want to put their name on their clothing, without the hassle.  

We know how easy it is for items to become lost especially with children. By adding their name to the outfits can make sure other parents know whose it is if it ends up in the wrong hands. Check out our full range of personalised labels here to make sure everything is named. 

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Easy2name! 

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