How To Get Your Kids Prepared To Go Back To School After COVID-19?

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After 5 months of lockdown the future is still unknown, and this includes back to school and what will happen. With so much uncertainty one thing we do know is that the government are trying everything they can to get the kids back to school in September so that there is less disruption to their education. By this point many kids haven’t been to school for 5-6 months so it is more important than ever to help them prepare for this new school life. Here are some things you can do to get your kids ready to go back after Covid-19.

Talk to them about the importance of social distancing

It is likely you may already have had this conversation with them but with school looming in the near future, sit down and ensure they are aware of what is going on. Don’t be afraid of sounding like a broken record, repetition of these important requirements is good for children, as the first time around it doesn’t always stick!

Make sure you don’t scare them but also make them aware of the importance of social distancing and wearing a mask. We have previously written a post about socially distanced game ideas your kids can play with their friends at break time. This would be great to mention to your kids to show them they can still have fun whilst socially distancing.

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Also, explain to them that school is likely to be different from when they last attended. You could mention some of the changes we already know about including the social bubbles and separate desks to help them prepare for back to school. Link all of this back to social distancing and why it is important that they listen to their teacher and follow all the rules that have been set up for their safety.

Find out how they are feeling about school and seeing their friends

As well as speaking to them about the guidelines and social distancing sit down and have a discussion with your kids about their feelings. Going back to school in any normal situation can be daunting, but with Covid-19 it can be especially overwhelming.

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Some kids may not have seen their friends for 5-6 months so they may be feeling overwhelmed about the situation. Before you talk to them make sure you are feeling calm as any anxiety or worry is likely to be picked up by your kids and will make them feel anxious. Listen to their worries and concerns and explain to them it is normal to feel like this. It is a scary and daunting time for a lot of people so putting your kids’ mind at ease and making sure you are there to listen will help make the transition back to school that bit easier.

Above all it’s important to show enthusiasm and excitement so that they show up with a positive mindset. Perhaps invent a little morning routine with a little song and some clapping or tell them a joke just before they head off. A positive mind is contagious for everyone around.

Have a back-up plan for childcare

Although the plan is to get kids back to school full time, we are living in an unknown world right now where we cannot predict what will happen next week, let alone when all the kids go back. In order to try and minimise stress, ensure you have a back-up plan, what will happen if the kids are suddenly at home or their education becomes virtual only? Can you work from home for a prolonged amount of time? Do you have anyone you can use as standby childcare? Covering the what-if situations will make not only your life easier and less stressful, but if these situations do happen you can make the transition smoother and more streamlined for your kids.

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Clearly label all their clothes and school kit

Now more than ever it’s important for kids not to share their clothes or school kit so make sure you clearly label everything with their name on so they know what is theirs.

Kids will likely have their own space to store their bag and coat etc but labelling everything will not only ensure your kid can identify their items quickly but will also make it easy for the teacher to spot whose bag, pencil case etc it is. We have a great range of personalised labels for this including our back to school pack, which is perfect for labelling all your little ones school kit. Or, why not try our Sticky Starter Kit, which has all different sizes to label everything from the smallest to the largest items.

Alternatively, if you want to get the kids involved and make it fun why not look at our Bright and Brilliant large stickers! Let your kids choose the design they want and then get them to label up their own things.

The start of a school year is always a busy and stressful time for both kids and parents and this year is certainly no exception! So make sure you are organised in advance so you can rest easier that you are organised for your kids’ back to school.

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