Social Distancing Game Ideas for Kids!

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Kids will soon be allowed a bit more time outside to play with their friends, but they might have to try some different ideas due to social distancing. Whether your child is returning to school, staying home or you decide to have a few of their friends in the garden, we’ve gathered a few helpful ideas!

In the playground

Hopefully your child’s teachers will have developed a socially distanced PE lesson, but what about break times? Why not show them these games that encourage them to burn off their endless amount of energy whilst safely observing the 2-metre rule.


Yep, that classic game the gets the whole family shouting random words. Teach you kids how to play, and they may want to show their friends in the playground. They can easily play without being closer than 2 metres to each other.

Adapt any ball game


Is your child a young David Beckham or Ellen White wannabe? Well they can still practise. Passing, shooting, saving goals and footwork skills can still take place, just make sure they don’t go in for a tackle and they’ll be having fun in no time! Tennis, rounders, cricket and even catch are all great examples of games that allow for social distancing.


You may need to check with the school that frisbees are not part of the banned toys list! Remember conkers? Yeah, they got banned! According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents most schools banned conkers due to allergy reasons as opposed to risk of injury! Anyway, we digressed a bit there. Frisbees are a great way for kids to keep active, and is easily one of the best ways for you child to keep 2 meters from their peers. It might be sensible for them to wear gloves and regularly wash their hands with this one though.

 Kids staying home?

Recently the UK has been blessed with amazing weather, but we have had to take the lockdown into account, and this may have limited activity outside! If your child is eager to get out the house, then use some of the activities previously mentioned.

If you’d prefer to keep out of the way and reduce your chances of breaking social distancing then now is the perfect time to explore and find smaller, more local areas. You may think you know your town or city well, but that new residential estate might hold a good size playfield. You could even replicate school sports day, all you need is a hessian sack, an egg and spoon set, and some decent trainers and you’ll be ready to go!


If the weather takes turn for the worse then maybe it’s time you dusted off those old monopoly or mousetrap board games (we are not responsible for any social disputes that may arise).

Another great game to give you some peace and quiet is a game of hide and seek, or even set up a treasure hunt! Now we’re definitely not suggesting you purposely take longer to find the little ones, or make the treasure hunt extremely challenging, but that’s up to you to decide!

We are sure you and your little ones will have lots of fun following the above activities. Experiment and adapt the games to suit you and your child. If you have a child that’s returning to school then make sure their clothes and bags are correctly labelled with our No Iron-No Sew labels or purchase our Sticky Starter Pack.

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