Childhood Allergies - Easy2name help with Allergy wrist bands

Childhood Allergies - Easy2name help with Allergy wrist bands

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Childhood Allergies - the facts:

Did you know that almost 50% of children in the UK have allergies, and for those affected this can mean a daily battle of trying to keep symptoms under control. Allergy is when the body has a reaction to a protein (e.g. foods, insect stings, pollens and antibiotics). These substances are called allergens, and for most people they are harmless. Common things that cause allergic reactions include: food (e.g. peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat and fish), pollens from tree and grasses, house dust mite and insect stings.

Allergy symptoms: Allergic symptoms can affect the nose, throat, ears, eyes, airways, digestion and skin in mild, moderate or severe form. These symptoms can go largely unnoticed until a child has been suffering with the problem for some time. However, the consequences of suffering with one, or several, of these symptoms every day can cause a child to struggle with their schooling and other general abilities. Concentration levels can be reduced from lack of sleep, or simply from having the symptoms.

Diagnosis and treatment: The most important fact to remember is that if a child does develop an allergy, with early diagnosis and treatment of this condition, it will be easier to manage the symptoms and help minimise their effects on the child's daily life. Look to for more information.

How can Easy2name help with your child's allergies? If you know that your child has allergies, in particular food allergies, and you need to contain and label their food, medication, and/or remedies, Easy2name can help you, with our extensive range of bespoke labels, tags and named products. We also have a range of allergy labels and wrist bands so that your child’s allergies can be remembered, whatever they are up to.

Look at our website, and order your chosen items, or call us on 01635 298326 and talk to one of our friendly and experienced team members, who are always eager to help.

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