Autumn crafts to make with your kids

Autumn crafts to make with your kids

Now that autumn is truly upon us, there’s no time like the present to take advantage of the bright colours and crunching acorns and get crafty! Not only will this keep the children entertained whilst fuelling their creativity, but you’ll be able to get them outside in the fresh air for nature walks to gather leaves, conkers and other autumn gems. Below are some of our favourite autumnal art to create with your kids, but there are so many different ideas you can make, depending on the treasures you find and what you fancy doing.

1. Creating leaf art

Colourful art owl made from leaves A very simple but satisfying activity is to show off your kid’s artistic talents by creating art with leaves. Colourful leaves tend to be more effective for this, and all you need to do is glue the leaves on a piece of card in the shape you want! You can also glue them onto already drawn images. This works really well for animal drawings, like the leafy hedgehog below, as it can add texture and have an interesting effect. Make it even more interesting by gluing your picture onto seasonal card or wrapping paper. Craft hedgehog made from leaves being glued to paper If you keep finding you come across brown leaves and not much colour, there are ways to make interesting crafts. We love the simplicity of painting leaves with different patterns, painting plain leaves with lots of colours, or even painting leaves with colours and pressing them onto white paper when it is still wet! Brown leaves painted with white patternsLeaves painted in bright coloursBrightly coloured leaf pressed onto white paper   Another option is to paint leaves so they look like something else entirely, like these wonderful blue fish or leaf bugs! Leaves painted to look like blue fishLeaves painted to look like bugs               To add more texture to your creations, consider using other materials, such as wool or glitter. Leaf art created by sewing wool into leaf

2. Acorns, nuts and conkers

You can do a lot with the different autumn nuts, seeds, conkers and acorns you come across. We love these little autumn critters! They may require a steady and a bit of patience but they are so gorgeous when they have been painted! Use sharpies if you don’t have paint. We recommended using a toothpick for the finer details and using other crafts to add to the faces, such as wool for the hair! Autumn critters made from paint, conkers and acornsAcorn faces with additional wool hair             Chestnut worms are also winners for the kids! Worm toy made from chestnuts  

3. Make decorations or gifts

Autumn crafts can also lend themselves to great decorations or gifts. Get creative with pine cones and make Christmas decorations. Fur cone decorations like Christmas lightsChristmas wreath made from fur conesFestive seasonal santa decorations made from fur cones   It may be a touch early, but you can make a leafy crown without even using glue! Kid's crown made from leaves   We also love the idea of bringing nature inside and making practical use of your crafts too. For example, if you have an existing plain photo frame, you can glue leaves onto it to give it an autumnal feel! Homemade photo frame made with leaves You may want to liven up some of your artistic creations with our name labels and stickers! If so, check out our stick on labels!
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