Nursery Equipment Labels

Nursery Equipment Labels

  • Dishwasher, steriliser and microwave safe
  • Ideal for bottles, lunch boxes and toys
  • Fast dispatch

Nursery Equipment Labels

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Labelling items for nursery, preschool and childcare is key to making sure they do not end up in the lost property pile. Our best-selling children’s stick-on labels are the quickest way to label belongings including bottles, beakers, lunchboxes, toys, books, stationery, Tupperware, sports equipment, soothers and glasses cases, in fact any non-fabric item that is clean and dry.

Choose from 9 different colours, 2 sizes and add one of our large selection of icons to your design! Looking for even more designs? Have a look at our Bright & Brilliant Large Stickers for that extra personalisation.

Our personalised name stickers even stay attached through the dishwasher, steriliser, and microwave. They can also be used inside shoes with our Shoe Label Covers placed over the top.

With a 100% guarantee on all our nurseryname labels, we promise our nurseryname stickers well and truly stay stuck!

All our Stick-onName Labels for kids are manufactured in the UK. Our stick-on preschool labels are water-resistant, scratch proof and BPA free. They are extremely long-lasting and have been designed to withstand the rigours of daily nursery and childcare life.

Please note, our Stick-on name labels are not for clothes. If you are looking for namestickers for clothing, please take a look at our StickEasy Clothing Labels or the Nursery Labelling Value Pack which includes Stickers and StickEasy Labels.

Standard Name Labels size: 52mm x 9mm approx.
Large Name Labels size: 50mm x 21mm approx.

Product details
  • Dishwasher, steriliser and microwave safe
  • Ideal for bottles, lunch boxes and toys
  • Fast dispatch
Delivery within 5 working days
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