Summer Trips
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Summer Trips

Recently, I took my children to @chessingtonworldofadventures. Brave? Perhaps! Mad? Maybe! Oh and of course it rained!!! We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirit but it did get me thinking on how to get the best out of a theme park trip…perhaps useful if you’re planning on any over the Summer break…


⭐️ Plan and schedule ahead- book tickets in advance, arrive half an hour before to get parked easily and download the app or map the night before. Allow time to talk to your children about their MUST SEES- maybe one per child.


⭐️ Know your park. As soon as you arrive, point out safe places, like a park info kiosk, and safe people, like park security, that can help your children if they get lost. Set a meeting place that everyone can easily find. Consider popping an Apple air tag in their pockets or hooked into their belt loops (genius!!) or pop a wrist band or keyring on them with your phone number on. 


⭐️ Dress your children in bright colours to make them easy to spot. Take a photo of them before you set off so you remember what they are wearing. Pack swimmers and lightweight towels that don’t take up space (I love @dockandbay) or puddle suits and spare socks if it’s raining. Don’t forget spare clothes for you. Too often than not I’ve been soaked! Comfy shoes for all. Make sure it’s all in an easy to carry back pack that’s not going to hurt your back.


⭐️ Pack all the snacks. All the games of eye spy in the world will only get you so far in a queue. Snacks will save you money and sanity. Also refillable water bottles will help you save money and avoid sugar crashes.


⭐️Make sure you know how tall your child is (in metres) before you arrive to avoid disappointment. Avoid these rides! 


⭐️Exit through the gift shop. Unfortunately, this always seems to be the only option. Save it until very last. Be prepared and make sure your children have pocket money of their own to spend or set an amount for your children to stick to.


⭐️ Consider a picnic. Theme park restaurants are sometimes hectic, noisy and expensive and offer no respite from a hectic day. Most parks have gardens or quiet picnic areas where you can properly relax & re-charge. Even if its just sausage rolls, some fruit and a pack of doughnuts- everyone will be refuelled. 


⭐️Make a priority list of must-dos. And, if you’re traveling with multiple children, be sure each one’s wish list is given it’s due- even if it’s just one thing each.


⭐️Be realistic and present. Take the photos but stay off social media. Take your expectations but lower them. Remember you are there to have FUN, not see everything. Pace yourself. Don’t be afraid to change plans. Don’t be afraid to pack up early before everyone is too tired. Ensure you’ve taken a photo of where you parked the car so you can easily find it when it’s time to head home!


What’s your best tip? I’d love to know! 

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