How to make the best Easter egg hunt in your house and garden for the kids

How to make the best Easter egg hunt in your house and garden for the kids
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How to make the best Easter egg hunt in your house and garden for the kids

We love Easter, not only do we get to eat lots of chocolate, but by this point the daffodils, snowdrops and other flowers are starting to bloom as spring begins. With lockdown still in effect this year for Easter Bank Holiday weekend, it is the perfect excuse for a home-based, DIY easter egg hunt for your little ones. There are some great ideas online to create your own Easter adventure. But here are some of our favourites to inspire you to make the best Easter egg hunt at home:

Are your little ones sweet enough already? Time to change up chocolate.

If your kids don’t like chocolate or you don’t want to load them up with sugar, buy the plastic eggs that open and fill them with little toys for them to find instead. If they are into such things as Lego, you could even break up a set and hide a few pieces in each egg. Then at the end of the hunt, they can all work together to put piece the set together.

Get your little Oompa Loompas searching for a golden ticket

Become Willy Wonka for the day and put a homemade golden ticket behind the foil of one of the hidden eggs. Whoever finds the golden ticket gets a bigger prize of your choosing. If you have a few little ones you could even hide more than one golden ticket to up the chances of winning a grand prize.

Elementary Dear parent...turn your little ones into mini Sherlocks for the day

If you want to make the Easter egg hunt last longer and a bit more challenging turn it into a scavenger hunt. Create clues to lead your little ones to the next egg location and leave another clue at this location and so on. They will be expert puzzle-solving detectives by the end of it.

Make them see the bigger (prize) picture

This is a great idea if you have a few kids. In each egg, whether chocolate or plastic, add in or attach a puzzle piece. Then at the end of the hunt once all the eggs have been found, get your little ones to work together to piece it all together. This can reveal the location of the final/grand prize or an image of the prize itself. You can get a personalised puzzle made or find one which depicts the location of the final egg or prize. Alternatively, you can even make your own puzzle with a piece of card and scissors or a knife. Simply draw or stick a picture onto the card, draw outlines of puzzle pieces onto the image and cut them out. This is a great way to get your kids to work together as a team.

Your kids will have a swashbuckling time with this hunt

Change up the Easter egg by scattering the eggs and giving each kid a treasure map with Xs on it to find the location of the buried/hidden loot… well, the eggs. If you want to take it one step further you could get them all to dress up like pirates and insist they speak like one throughout. Just be careful they don’t take it too far and make you walk the plank! With these creative ideas you’re sure to make it an Easter bank holiday to remember. However, in the meantime, kids are soon due to be going back to school, so make sure you are ready for this by labelling all their belongings. From bags and shoes to pencil cases and gym kit we have a great selection of personalised name labels including our bright and brilliant range. The last thing you need is for them to lose their brand-new items within the first week. With our personalised labels, finding identifying which items belong to your little ones is much easier. With our fantastic starter pack, you can even label everything in one go whilst watching TV or listening to music. Look at our full range to see what other items you can add personalised labels to for your little one’s school return.
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