Fun, educational activities to do with the kids during lockdown

Fun, educational activities to do with the kids during lockdown
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Fun, educational activities to do with the kids during lockdown

We may be in another lockdown until at least mid-February, meaning the kids need to be home-schooled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a happy medium between fun and educational activities for you all to enjoy together. Here at Easy2name we know it’s not easy to always think of things to do that are engaging and stimulating, so we have come up with some great ideas to create some fun activities that will have the kids learning without necessarily knowing it.

Make those little fingers green

We don’t mean with paint, but with gardening! It may not quite be the planting season yet so why not start them with a small pot plant indoors? Make that plant their own project to take care of. This will not only teach them more about the life cycle of plants, but it will also be a great way of teaching them responsibility. Make sure they oversee the care of their plant, from feeding to transplanting it into a bigger pot when necessary. You could even look at planting herbs or vegetables so that you can make use of them once grown.

Explore nature with your kids

You don’t have to live near a nature reserve to enjoy the great outdoors. Simply get your own and your kids wellies on, wrap up warm and go out and explore! Get them to look under stones and fallen branches to find insects and take pictures so that they can look them up when they get home. This is a great excuse for some fresh air and exercise with the bonus of a biology lesson interspersed. You could even print out the photos or get your little ones to draw what they saw and present it to you on a poster. Alternatively, get them to pick up items on the walk such as leaves and pinecones to make into a collage.

Set their creativity free through writing

As part of their English lesson get them to write a letter to someone they love and/or miss. It can be tough on kids not being able to see their friends or grandparents so let them be creative through the medium of writing. This is not only a great way for them to express their emotions, but will be sure to make the recipient’s day special. After all, who doesn’t love receiving a handwritten letter?! Plus, it’s extra handwriting and spelling practice for the kids. Personalise the letter with one of our colourful name labels to make it extra special for the recipient.

Teach them valuable life skills

School education is important, it gives your kids a good foundation for them long term. However, you can’t deny the value of life skills. So, get your kids involved and help them learn important life lessons. This could be cooking and baking, meal planning or even washing clothes. Teaching your kids life skills is a valuable activity as it will help them as they grow up and move out. You could make it fun by setting up competitions between your children. Not only will this teach them important skills but may even give you a few extra hands with certain chores.

Learn about a new country or culture

Travel may be banned right now but this doesn’t stop us from teaching our kids about other countries and their cultures. Pick a country and get them to research facts about the place. You could even find some recipes linked to the country and get your little ones in the kitchen cooking. It is important for our children to learn about other cultures and countries’ traditions so that they can be more accepting of diversity, and this is the perfect way to do it. There are plenty of fun and educational activities you can get your kids involved in during the lockdown to keep them occupied. These are just a few of our favourite ones. Remember, if you want their masterpieces personalised, we have a wonderful array of brilliant and fun name labels to make sure everyone knows whose creation it is. Alternatively, if you want your kids to feel special whilst writing or drawing you can get them their own personalised pencils with their names on. Have a look at our full range of personalised labels to find the ones your kids will love.
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