Eating out survival kit!!

Eating out survival kit!!
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Eating out survival kit!!

Now that the holidays are here, you might decide this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your child rejecting someone else’s cooking! So if you’re keen to eat out this summer, it’s time to get smart with what you can bring to the table!


My main tips for eating out are:


✅ Know your venue. Ensure you’ve told them when you book that you have children…this helps them position your table away from quieter diners and means they have high chairs ready etc. 

✅ Look at the menu online before you arrive so you choose something that you actually want to eat, rather than feeling stressed and pressured as you try to decide!

✅ Avoid sugary drinks before dinner as it curbs little ones’ appetites and can make everyone feel a little ???? Stick to water until they’ve eaten. Also keeps the food bill down!

✅ Order quickly. Don’t hang about! If good behaviour has started to wane, then take them for a wander whilst you wait or skip the pudding course all together, make a quick exit and grab an ice cream or chocolate bar on the way home!


Following on from that, here are my top items that you can pack in your bag that 1) will keep your children occupied and happy and 2) won’t take up too much room in your bag for other crap you have to lug about ????


❤️ @usborne_books puzzle activity books are a winner each time. So many to choose from, handy a3 size to fit in the bag and also usually under £5 so they don’t break the bank! 


❤️ Cappi pens from @stabilo. Such a clever design- no lost lids and no pencil case required, these pens just loop together so they can be thrown into your bag and found easily. Plus their ergonomic grip mean they are a dream for even little hands.


❤️ Word card game @dobblegame (mine is a similar concept from @flyingtiger called Look&Find) Can be played fairly quietly, not much table space required and good for all ages to get involved whilst they wait for the food to arrive!


❤️ And finally, never underestimate the excitement that a pack of post stick notes will create! My go to for plane journeys and restaurant trips, sticky notes will delight babies and toddler and also provide easy writing surfaces for older ones.


Now you’ve got that all packed up, it’s time to enjoy someone else’s cooking for once!

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