An innovative labelling system; the reusable tags are laser etched with the name you require and applied in one-click to the garments care tag. The EasyTags are guaranteed not to fade or fall off, but can be removed from the clothing with the Applicator and then reused with a new back. They will withstand domestic, industrial laundry and dry cleaning. Recommended for use in nurseries, schools and care homes.

Dimensions: 12mm across.
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Note: Please note that an applicator is needed to apply the EasyTags. Also once tags are removed, backs should be discarded as the fastening device is no longer secure. If you wish to re-use your tags on a different garment, you will require additional backs which are available separately.

25 EasyTags and 25 Backs are £15.95
25 EasyTags, Crocodile Applicator and 25 Backs are £25.95
50 EasyTags and 50 Backs are £19.95
50 EasyTags, Crocodile Applicator and 50 Backs are £29.95
Extra Backs – Pack of 25 is £4.95
Extra Backs – Pack of 50 is £9.95
Crocodile Applicator is £9.95

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  •   25 Crocodile EasyTags and 25 Backs
  •   25 EasyTags, Crocodile Applicator and 25 Backs
  •   50 Crocodile EasyTags and 50 Backs
  •   50 EasyTags, Crocodile Applicator and 50 Backs
  •   Extra backs - pack of 25
  •   Extra backs - pack of 50
  •   Crocodile Applicator
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+ symbol+ symbol 30th September 2016

Really good idea.

+ symbol+ symbol 26th September 2016

good quality, fast delivery.

+ symbol+ symbol 22nd September 2016

The best naming option I've ever used

+ symbol+ symbol 18th September 2016

So easy to use, no more sewing in name labels for school uniforms etc.

- symbol 17th September 2016

The buttons are quite thick, which means that when attached to the labels on the garments, they annoy the kids. They are also have a black background which means that they are hard to spot. Whereas with labels, youd want it to be obvious who the garment belonged to.
The quality of the items seems ...
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+ symbol+ symbol 17th September 2016

Very pleased with product.

+ symbol 15th September 2016


+ symbol+ symbol 14th September 2016

Love that they are exactly like the pictures shown. Very easy to use.

+ symbol+ symbol 14th September 2016

Takes the hassle out of naming school clothes

+ symbol 13th September 2016

Very good if the material is thin enough. However, my idea of tagging through socks and pants for children wasn't possible due to the lack of a sharp point on the tag spindle. Sadly was unable to use on most items I had planned to tag.

+ symbol+ symbol 13th September 2016

Great - love this product. Would love a way to try and get more industrial ones (or rather the machine) for kit bags and so on as it is difficult to get it through any woven handles etc.

+ symbol 13th September 2016


+ symbol+ symbol 13th September 2016

Excellent item and so easy to use. Better still they're reusable!

+ symbol+ symbol 12th September 2016

Delivery was slower than expected. Providing an expected delivery date would be very helpful.

+ symbol+ symbol 12th September 2016

Perfect better than sew on or stick on tabs

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