Iron on Woven Name Tapes

These high quality woven name labels have a very efficient glue backing. They will bond onto all types of fabrics.

If you are ironing the clothing they can be ironed over and this benefits the bonding properties of the glue. Being made of material they can also be stitched for extra security.


Our standard tapes are 10mm high and the length will depend on the number of characters in the name supplied. For wider tapes please look here Special Colour Range- 15mm

These nametapes can be woven in

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Pack of 100 labels £12.95

  •   Lower Case swatch
  •   Script Case swatch
  •   Upper Case swatch
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+ symbol+ symbol 12th December 2017


+ symbol+ symbol 12th December 2017

As Above

+ symbol+ symbol 12th December 2017

Excellent product, great service

+ symbol+ symbol 7th December 2017

Second time i’ve Ordered this item. Recommended

+ symbol+ symbol 7th December 2017

Very good product! Good quality of materials used.

+ symbol+ symbol 13th October 2017

It was just what I was looking for!

+ symbol+ symbol 10th October 2017

Good clear names and easy to use.

+ symbol 25th September 2017

Iron on Embroidered name tags look good and easy to apply

+ symbol+ symbol 18th September 2017

Looking forward to put them on shirts. Great quality

+ symbol+ symbol 13th September 2017

Excellent. Such a simple solution

+ symbol+ symbol 13th September 2017

Always use these and they generally last for ages.

- symbol 9th September 2017

One batch hanging off of every item after one wash.

+ symbol+ symbol 9th September 2017

Due to the quality of the product.

- symbol 8th September 2017

Iron on labels are convenient but don't always stick so well. Also the heat needed for sticking them on sometimes damages polyester material a bit.

- symbol- symbol 8th September 2017

Tapes fell off on dressing. Now having to sew them all in.

Comment from Easy2Name (posted on 8th September 2017): Hi Sarah
Sorry to hear you have problems getting the Iron on Wovens to stay on.
We have sold thousands of them, with customers coming back for more and they usually work very well.
Here are a few suggestions:
I would recommend the following
• Ensure your clothes have been pre-washed
• Do not cover the label with a tea towel – iron straight onto the label
• Do not iron the label on to the care label inside the clothing
• Use a little more heat and/or pressure but be careful not to burn the clothing.
We would be very happy to send you some replacements or an alternative like our StickEasy labels which apply to the care tags.
Kind regards

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