Valentines Day 2019

Valentines Day Ideas

This Valentines, get your children involved with some arts and crafts. I recently got my two little girls making and crafting, here’s what we came up with:

1. Valentines Heart biscuits

With a basic biscuit recipe and using some fun heart cutters, we baked some yummy Valentine’s biscuits. The girls loved spending some time mixing, baking and eating this treat. In the time we were cooking, the kids didn’t stop saying to me “I love you”, like a token of their love for me, so sweet!

valentines buscuits

2. Valentines Gift Wrap

We found this crafty idea on Pinterest, use a loo roll, squish the sides to make a heart shape, dip in paint and you have a ready to go heart stamper. Stamp on some plain paper and make your own gift wrap for any Valentines presents you wish to give.

vaentines gift wrap

3. Valentine’s Day Colouring

This Valentine’s Day idea is very simple but kept my two girls well occupied for ages. There are lots of free to print colouring pages online, find some here on Spruce Crafts and Crayola.

vaentines colouring

Happy Valentines Day, however and with whoever you spend it.

The Easy2name Team