Top 7 International Peace Day Decoration Ideas

two kids playing

Back in 2001 the countries of the United Nations came together and decided that 21st September would become International Peace Day. It would be a day of cease fire and no violence. It’s a great day to celebrate with the kids and educate them on being peaceful. We’ve listed our top 7 international peace day decorations below.

  1. Give Peace Day a hand, or two…or many

A hand banner is a great decoration to make at school or at home. All you need is different coloured skin tone paper, scissors, pens and sellotape. Get the kids to draw round their hands on a piece of paper. Cut it out and repeat the process several times. Stick these together to make a chain and voila you have a multicultural hand banner to hang anywhere you want!

These are great fun to make with the kids and you can even get them to put different coloured nails on them to make it even more colourful. Make sure to have a good variety of skin tone paper or if you can’t get hold of any, get the kids to colour in the hand cut outs.

  1. Get colourful!

The best decorations are the ones made from scratch and what better decoration is there than a kid’s drawings. You could find outlines of such things as doves or a peace sign online and print them off for the kids to colour in. Alternatively let their imagination run wild and draw, paint, create an image based on peace. Then you can display it in its full glory; the perfect piece to brighten up your walls.


  1. Rock it this International Peace day…with rocks!

Another simple, cost effective but fun activity you can do with the kids for International Peace Day is a classic amongst younger children – rock painting. Pick up some smooth faced rocks from the beach or whilst out on a walk, get some paint and let your kids decorate them around the subject of peace.

You can either put them on display in windowsills or in your garden. Alternatively, if you want to spread a bit of happiness you can get your kids to put them in little nooks and crannies outside when you are on a walk. That way other people can enjoy their decorated stones. Make sure you put a layer of varnish on them if you are putting them outside.


  1. Get back into nature

If you want to encourage the kids to spend more time outside as well as celebrate International Peace Day, then why not go on a scavenging mission for arts and crafts. Nature is full of amazing potential decorations from pinecones and feathers to leaves and flowers. Instead of simply painting a peace sign or dove why not create a peace painting with nature itself?

two kids playing

  1. Peace is…?

International Peace Day is the perfect time to get the kids thinking about what peace really means to them. So, why not get the kids to cut out hearts, write “Peace is…” and get them to write what peace means to them. You can then stick these on the fridge or on the wall.

  1. On the wings of a dove

The dove is a strong symbol of peace worldwide so what better way of decorating for International Peace Day than with a dove. Print off an outline of one and then let your kids decorate however they want. One idea we love is using finger paints and letting the kids cover the dove with fingerprints. Kids go crazy for finger painting and you get a beautiful picture with your child’s little fingerprints on, a perfect keepsake.

Kids painting

  1. Get creative with peace

There is nothing more symbolic of peace than the peace sign itself. So, print a few out and let your kids get creative with them. They could paint on them, draw, stick things such as pasta, glitter, tissue paper on them… anything their minds can imagine. Alternatively get them to make peace signs using clay or plasticine and use them as hanging decorations.

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Happy International Peace Day from everyone at Easy2Name.