Top 10 Tips To Exercise At Home During The Lockdown

Top 10 Tips To Exercise At Home During The Lockdown

We all know that exercising on a regular basis can massively improve your physical and mental wellbeing, but it can also be vital to building your immune system! It gets rid of bacteria from your airways, increases blood circulation and raises the body temperature, all of which helps fight infection. That is why we have handpicked some great tips for keeping fit at home. From workout ideas to tips on how to stay motivated, there is something for everyone!

1. Get the kids involved

Lockdown Family Exercise In normal circumstances, kids spend a huge amount of time at school being active, whether it is during PE lessons or running around at break times, kids know how to be active. It’s easy to incorporate this into their home-schooling. Get them involved in your workout plans! It is a perfect way to keep them busy and helps drain their seemingly never-ending levels of energy. Want more teacher points? Get them to write up how they exercised and what muscles they used!

2. Join 1,000s of others with online streams

From the hugely popular and entertaining Joe Wicks to the iconic spandex-wearing and likewise hugely entertaining Mr Motivator. There are a wide range of online classes available designed for people of all ages, skill and ability. Whether you are looking to tone up or challenge yourself in a high intensity fast-paced frenzy there is a class for everyone. Running man

3. Challenge friends and family

Fitness and competition go hand in hand. If you are of the competitive nature, then Apps like Strava and Map My Fitness allow you to track your workouts and compare with others. This a great opportunity to start challenging your friends and family without being near them! This will also help you keep socially active as well as keep you motivated and on track!

4. How to Stay Motivated

  • Set a Goal – Be realistic and include clear milestones. Maybe it’s to run a 10k or even achieve your summer body for that post lockdown getaway!
  • Set a Daily Schedule – Factor in up to 1 hour of exercise a day, whether it’s a walk or a run!
  • Keep it Fresh and Varied – It can take time to see results, but experiment with new classes or mix up your workouts!
  • Make a dedicated workout space – Not everyone has a gym at home or a spare room to transform. Try clearing some space and keep it clear to remind you to exercise.

 5. Use apps to create a plan

Apps for exercise Workout apps such as Jefit and Fitbod allow you create custom workouts or follow user submitted ones. These can also provide you with helpful information on form and technique which reduce your chances of injury. Tracking workouts lets you see your progress and will give you even more motivation!

6. De-stress with Yoga

The great thing about yoga is it requires no equipment, although a yoga mat may help. If you’ve had a stressful day working from home or you want to elevate your mind before work, then yoga is a great option. It can also be added to your current workout plan to improve performance and reduce chances of injury!

7. Start low and slow to avoid injury!

If you have not worked out for a while or are trying a new exercise, then it is important you take it steady. Don’t push yourself too hard to begin with. You will probably feel sore the next day and that’s normal, but if you push yourself too hard you may end up injured. Increase the intensity of each workout when you feel comfortable.

8. No Equipment? No worries!

Trying to get hold of workout equipment is very challenging right now, but you don’t need dumbbells to see results. Look around you, chances are you have many items that can be used as a replacement to weights.
  • Tinned food – Yep, you read it right, check your cupboards for that old tin of Cream of Tomato soup. Too light? Add more repetitions.
  • Fill a backpack – Using tins, bottled water or a ream of printer paper. This technique is great for adding a bit more weight for squats.
  • Water bottles – using water bottles filled with water, sand or stones is a great and handy way to create your own weights. Adjust by how much water or sand you put in.

9. Dancing

Dancing with families Dancing is a great way to blow off steam and raise endorphins (those lovely feel good hormones). You can be creative with this one…
  • Create a playlist and dance whilst doing chores (Insert Queen – I Want to Break Free pun here).
  • Start and perfect a dance routine with the kids
  • Record the above activities and upload them to TikTok or Facebook for more social points!

10. Cleaning, Gardening and DIY

Yes, you could argue these are all standard household chores, but they are all labour intensive and count as exercise. Both cleaning and gardening require a lot of bending down and stretching. Maybe you’ve had an idea for a DIY project but never found the time, well now could be your chance to get started. Good luck with your new work out plan and remember to keep experimenting to find out what works for you and your family. Keep your exercise items labelled with our Stick-On labels for any mats and equipment or No Iron-No Sew for gym clothing. The best part is anything you get in the habit of now you can continue to do post-lockdown!
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