The Christmas Table


The kitchen really is the heart of the home and at Christmas this is no exception, in fact gathering around your table is a key part to most families Christmas day. A sit down meal for all to get together, eat too much yummy food and enjoy each others company.

You want your table to be pretty and inviting, yet it does still need to be practical? So here are some of ideas…..

A table cloth and or table runner is always a great place to start. You can get great Christmas designs but something plain and crisp can give just as good an impact with the right accessories. Next think about any greenery you may want on the table. Any floristry may have to be added last minute to ensure it lasts the festivities in centrally heated homes, but an evergreen garland of some description; whether that be handmade or professionally done, real or fake, will certainly give you a great lovely natural feel and focus.

On top of this consider what centrepiece you want in the middle of your table and any decorations you want to put in the garland; candles, baubles, lights or floral displays. Just be mindful of how much space you have left to ensure you have room for actually eating! It’s easy to get carried away and there’s still plenty to fit on the table! I love the idea of a small sleigh filled with flowers, or a small sack of little gifts/sweets to hand out.

Distressed Metal Sleigh Decoration Basket

(Above: Sleigh from Notonthehighstreet)

Next to think about is the placemats and napkins, get something to tie in with your runner or tablecloth. Don’t combine too many different patterns or colours, the simpler the better. Fold, then tie the napkin with some twine or ribbon and put centrally on the plate. We love the Sophie Allport Holly and Berry range (below). Make sure you have enough and no broken crockery, glasses and cutlery, you don’t want any chipped plates or not enough spoons! Then lay these all out in the correct places.

Christmas Tableware

Finishing touches and paying attention to the little details can make all the difference to your Christmas table designs. Invest in some nice crackers (check out our upcoming Easy2name blog post on Christmas Crackers for some ideas) to match your table theme and make, or buy some little name place settings. Everyone likes to know where they are sitting at Christmas time!

The Easy2name Team.



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