School Uniforms – What Needs to be Labelled?

School shoe labels in black school shoes

In a short answer – EVERYTHING!!

But here is your Easy2name guide to labelling; what exactly should be named and which name tape is best for the job.

For Lunchboxes, Pencils, Books, sports equipment, musical instruments or anything else plastic, wooden or metal use a sticker. (One that is stays put through dishwashers!) A bright colour is advisable so it stands out in a crowd of similar items.

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Source: Original stick on name labels and tags from Easy2name

ALL school uniform clothing needs labelling, the choice is yours now whether you want to iron, sew or stick as long as the name is on the garment somewhere, most schools aren’t fussy. Although an obvious place to put the name tape is in the collar or on/next to the washing instruction label. It is prudent to label each item twice; sceptical parents believe then that if one name label gets pulled off it is still named to the correct child.

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Source: Easy2name StickEasy personalised stick clothing labels

Socks are a particular bug bare for many parents and teachers alike! Name them easily with letters transfers, just iron the name on and it stretches with the fabric, so will not come off.

Label your clothes with our fast Iron-on transfers! Our Iron-on letters are visible on all coloured materials and stretch with the fabric, lasting very well.

Source: Iron-on transfers and letters by Easy2name

Shoes should most certainly be labelled to. Simply put a name sticker in with a cover over the top (to protect it from sweaty feet). Left and right stickers are popular now too with little ones to help them put the shoes on the correct feet.

Protect your shoe labels with Easy2name’s durable transparent shoe label covers to ensure the name doesn’t wear off and you don’t mix up your child’s shoes!

Source: Shoe label covers and transparent shoe labels from Easy2name

Every child in school will most likely have the same reading folders and PE bags so differentiate your child’s with a bag tag,  a picture on it will help your child spot theirs easily in a classroom full of identical bags.

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Source: Personalised bag tags, luggage & suitcase tags by Easy2name


Happy Labelling.

The Easy2name Team.

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