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Getting your child’s school uniform can be a bit of a nightmare so here are Easy2name’s top tips for that all important purchase.

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Buy in advance as much as you possibly can. It is a fine line between ordering early enough to avoid the queues and sell outs and late enough to make sure everything fits!

To help with this I often buy two sizes of an item just in case my child has a growth spurt before term begins. Keep hold of those receipts and check out the return policies of the shop so you can return which ever item doesn’t fit.


Keep an eye out for school uniform deals, online and In stores. Usually out of the back to school season, you can get some really good discounts by buying in advance or just after schools start back.


Don’t forget to get all the other essentials like underwear, socks, tights, hats, scarves. Stock up on them when you see an offer.


Wherever possible buy from a supermarket, if you school doesn’t particularly require you to purchase the school uniform from a specific shop, go to the supermarket. Supermarkets these days offer really great value clothes and generally good quality too.


Finally don’t forget to label all that new school uniform, PE kit, coats and accessories. Easy2name have a wide range of labels to name every item your child takes to school. So don’t lose it in lost property, label it.

View our ideal label pack for kids going to school! It has custom clothing name tags, stick on labels, shoe covers, iron on tapes and a personalised shoe bag.

Source: Back to school custom name label and tag pack from Easy2name

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