Perfect pancake recipes – from traditional to something a bit more adventurous

Perfect pancake recipes – from traditional to something a bit more adventurous
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Perfect pancake recipes – from traditional to something a bit more adventurous

Image source: It’s nearly Shrove Tuesday, commonly known as pancake day! This is the day where everyone beats up some batter, dusts off their frying pan and tosses their pancakes as high as they can before loading them up with their favourite toppings. Of course, this isn’t the true meaning of Shrove Tuesday. This day is traditionally a feast day that occurs the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. The purpose of having a feast was to use up everything in your cupboards in preparation for fasting during the 40 days leading up to Easter. Although for many it may have lost the religious meaning, for most it is still an excuse to indulge in some delicious pancakes. And what better way to prepare that for us to share some great recipes for you...

The classic – your traditional pancake

Plain flour, eggs, milk, a bit of oil for the pan and the topping of your choice, easy. This is the traditional pancake we all know and love. A classic topping is lemon and sugar, but we say go crazy! Choose whatever you are in the mood for and that goes for your little ones as well! Check out this complete and easy pancake recipe to make your own.

For the vegans who don’t want to miss out on Pancake Day

korie-cull-URgDxpcWkkE-unsplash Image source: Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you should miss out on some yummy pancakes. Simply supplement the milk for the non-dairy alternative of your choice (oat, almond etc.) and add a little extra vegetable oil to replace the egg and hey presto, vegan pancakes. Get that texture and taste delicious by adding in a banana too! We love this vegan banana pancake recipe that incorporates all.

For the adventurous pancake chef

caitlin-greene-QDM6-fFKP0s-unsplash Image source: Want to go that one step further and make Pancake Day not simply good, but amazing? Okay, we have the answer…. cinnamon pancakes! Who doesn’t love cinnamon? These delicious, fluffy cinnamon pancakes drizzled with a cinnamon roll glaze will have your kids clambering for seconds. Finish it with some chopped apple which has been poached for the metaphorical cherry on top.

Toppings Galore

pancake-767567_640 Image Source: So, you have the recipe and you have made the pancakes, all that is left now are the toppings. There are so many to choose from, but here are a few of our favourites:
  • Sugar and lemon – classic topping, easy but still yummy
  • Fruit – let your kids choose which fruit they want and get them to add it to their pancake. That way they get to decorate their pancake and you get one of their 5 a day in them, win
  • Sauces – there are so many to choose from including maple (one of our favourites), strawberry, chocolate, cherry… the list goes on. Add ice cream as well and you have got a winner for certain!
  • Nutella – we couldn’t have a list of toppings without including Nutella. For the ultimate topping add sliced strawberries or bananas as well. Top tip: make sure you dip the spoon in a mug of hot water first then the Nutella will slide off the spoon easier.
  • Marshmallows and chocolates – if you want indulgent, yummy pancakes (which may make your kids go into a sugar high) then chocolate and marshmallows are a great topping, especially as they melt onto the pancake. Use buttons or chocolate chips for the ultimate melting yumminess
Don’t have a sweet tooth? No problems, you can add savoury toppings like cheese and meat instead for a delicious savoury pancake. Whichever pancakes and toppings you decide on make sure you include your little ones; you could even have a family pancake party. Get your apron, turn the music on and ask them to help with the batter or decorate the pancakes. Imagine the fun pictures you could take to send to loved ones? Memories like these last a lifetime and unlike their possessions won’t be easily lost or misplaced. However, when it comes to kids, there are ways to reduce their items going missing. To help you, help your little one’s belongings find their way back to you make sure everything they leave the house with everything, especially school equipment, labelled with their name. We have a great variety of bright and brilliant stickers the kids will love showing off as well as some easy to apply, no sew-no iron labels for clothes. Have a look at our full range of personalised stock from ribbons to pencils to help keep your kid’s belongings safe.
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