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Great Ways To Put Your EasyStamp to Good Use

Need to label swimsuits, ski gear, tights, wood, metal or other more obscure items? Our Easy2name EasyStamp has so many uses; we just wanted to show you how versatile it is and just how many different items you could use it on.

personalised Peanut allergy label

Supporting Children With Food Allergies

An allergy is the body’s immune system responding to something that wouldn’t ordinarily pose a problem. Most commonly, this includes things like pollen, nuts, dairy or gluten; though human bodies can be allergic to pretty much anything. Around 8% of children have an allergy of some kind and, though a quarter of these will grow […]

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Teaching Children about the Chinese New Year

In 2018, the Chinese New Year falls on the 16th February and this year it is the year of the Dog. Explain it to your little ones with these great tips.

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ski wall

Create a ski theme in your home

Planning a ski or snowboarding holiday this year? Until then, Easy2name has some great ski-chalet ideas you could add to your home.

Category: Home Lifestyle

Organise your Home in 2018

Want to get the New Year off to a great start? Why not have good sort out and organise your home for the year ahead.

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