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Bright & Brilliant Animals

Bright & Brilliant Printouts!

We’ve put together some Bright & Brilliant sticker printouts! We’d love to see your creations so please download and print the image PDF and get creative! Send us your final designs on social media or through to customerservice@easy2name.com!

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Family video call during lockdown - Easy2name

How To Keep In Touch With Family And Friends During Lockdown

We believe that lockdown will last much longer for the high-risk groups. As older people tend to be more likely to fall in the more vulnerable categories, we wanted to put some ideas together for activities to do by video calls.

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How to create HYGGE in your home

As almost all of us are forced to spend an awful lot of time at home right now during Corona Lockdown, we thought we’d share some tips on how you can easily transform your home into a nice environment where you’d actually want to spend more time.

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Best Easter Party Games For The Family During Lockdown

Take a look at our list of exciting Easter party games for kids, to help your family enjoy a great Easter weekend during the lockdown.

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table calendar

How To Entertain The Kids When Working From Home

Working from home during the coronavirus lockdown? Discover the best fun and entertain ideas to spend time with your family whilst you’re working from home.

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