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Personalised name tag pack

Which multipack of labels to go for?

Schools & nurseries insist on all of your child’s belongings being labelled. We’ve got several multi packs of personalised labels to help you out.

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Young boy reading on the sofa

Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Read More

Encouraging children to read has always been a challenge, but our blog post is full of handy tips on how to encourage your child to read more.

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Tupperware labelled with personalised, named Easy2Name stick-on labels.

50 Things to Label…

Many customers tell us that they don’t need 50 labels, but most soon many order more! It’s surprising how many things we have to label, here’s our top 50.

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Upcycled homemade bird feeder

10 Ideas for Upcycling

Are you having a sort out? Don’t throw it all away into land fill, here are some great ideas we’ve found on Pinterest to turn your unwanted or broken things into something new….   1. Mug bird feeder Birds won’t mind if the cup is a little chipped as long as they are being fed. […]

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Kids Animal Yoga Poses

Fun exercise games to do with the kids

It’s that time of year when we are all trying to get fit again after the Christmas break. It can be hard to think up new active games to play with the children so here are a few fun exercise ideas you can give a go.

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