Outdoor Activities To Keep The Whole Family Happy And Healthy This Summer

easy2name outdoor activities for children summer holidays

The countdown until the school holidays is on, just a few weeks until two months of freedom for your little ones and two months of activities for you to plan! We know that having the children home over the summer holidays is great, you get to spend more time with them and make memories that last a life time, but we also understand that finding activities to last all summer long can be a struggle.

Whether you need a range of fun activities to keep your children busy on their own when you have to attend an important conference call or business meeting, whether they have friends over and you need them to play together or activities for the whole family to enjoy on weekends or your days off. Easy2name have you covered, read our summer holiday activity ideas, no matter the weather or your budget!

Ensure your children don’t moan that they are bored all summer holidays and have lots to talk about when the new term rolls around in September.

easy2name outdoor activities for summer holidays

Family Outdoor Activities

We can bet that your children love nothing better than visiting your local park, there is plenty to be explored at very little cost. You’re also bound to bump into a friend on your visit too, this helps your children keep in touch with their friends whilst they are away from school. If the weather is glorious, why not swap the local park for the beach – just like being on holiday abroad!

Bike rides are a great way to keep all of the family active, whether your children are old enough to ride their own bikes, or they are in a bike seat – they can explore the great outdoors, breathing in fresh air and spending time with the family. There are also lots of great cycle trails that are perfect for children less confident riding on the busy roads – plus they have some pretty great views too.

easy2name outdoor activities water fight

Friends Coming To Play

You might not have time to take your children away this summer holidays, but if the weather is nice, anywhere can be an idyllic holiday location. When your children’s friends come over, you want to make sure they have a fantastic time too. Why not set up tents and sleeping bags in the garden, invite your children’s friends over for a camp out in the garden and get the midnight feasts in – all in the safety of your back garden! Obviously this depends on the ages of your children, you can always join them too!

If you’re not ready to let them outside all night on their own, a picnic is a great way for them to explore the outdoors, having fun with friends and enjoying tasty treats. This can be anything from sandwiches to canapes, it’s the eating outdoors that makes it all the more exciting! Explore My Fussy Eater’s best picnic foods ideas for children to uncover delicious snacks they’re bound to love.

There is nothing more fun for children than getting messy! When the summer heat gets too hot, find the water pistols. Ensure your children’s friends have a spare change of clothes first, of course! You could even make it a game if there are enough of them – playing ‘Squirt Tag’ adds the addition of a competition – with the aim of the game to squirt opponents, once squirted you must freeze – the winner is the last one ‘unfrozen’!

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Unoccupied Fun: Children’s Games!

When work calls, you can’t always be with your children at ‘beck and call’, so this summer you’ll need a few activities they can enjoy on their own. When the sun is out, the garden blossoms so make the most of the bright colours. Encourage your children to venture out into the garden, choose their favourites and then press them. Easily pressed between a few sheets of paper flat between the pages of a large book – place heavy objects on the book and leave for a few days. Once the flowers are pressed, let their creative side shine and take part in a number of craft activities, maybe it’s a relatives birthday so card making is both personal and fun, create their own flower pictures from the range of petals collected or maybe they have a school project to finish!

There is nothing better than an evening of great board games for kids! So if your children are getting tired of playing the same game of snap, snakes and ladders or monopoly, why not create a new game? Give your children a range of coloured pens, cardboard and stickers, maybe a pair of dice too. Encourage them to create their own game, making it personal to the family and their interests. Then after you’ve finished with your work, let them explain how to play and test it out.

Of course you could always give your little ones their own colouring and puzzles books, or even ask them to write you a story with its own illustrations.

easy2name summer holidays beach

We hope you have a summer packed full of fun for all of the family, we’d love to know which of our ideas you tried and which of your own worked wonders. If you’re still looking for ideas to keep your children busy this holiday, read some more of our latest blog posts for further inspiration, whether you’re travelling on long journeys, they want to get stuck in with the gardening or become little chefs and help with dinner!

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