New Brand and Logo

Sneak Peek for Easy2name new branding

It’s no secret that a refresh has been needed for Easy2name. And we’re delighted to share it’s finally happening; starting with a fabulous new look to our website!

This fresh look is inspired by our sense of “2getherness”. The approach to this was two-fold; in terms of enabling our customers to have more time, and less stress, as well as a nod to our history at Easy2name.

So many of our customers require our products to make their family and crafting life easier, for young children, older relatives or even in business use. Helping you become more organised, in a stress-free way allows you to focus on the things that really matter, including that sense of “2getherness” with the people you love. To this day we carry on our ethos of making labelling your belongings as simple and easy as possible.

Additionally, as Easy2name was founded as a family run business, and to this day continue to run almost like a little family, it’s important that we have a strong sense of “2getherness” too. Helping create and nurture a supportive culture is part of who we are, and we wanted this to be more apparent in our brand identity.

The ‘2’ itself comes directly from our name, Easy2name, so it just feels right to make more of this within our story for both ourselves and who we aim to be for our customers.

Yellow new branding Easy2name Billy Johnson shoes


Creating a new logo became a big part of the new branding. Although the previous logo has served us well over the last 10 years, it was time to develop it in line with what has been resonating with our customers.

Easy2name old logoEasy2name new logo

The previous logo had a needle and thread weaved into it, and there was a strong sense of ‘stitching’ within the logo itself and the brand. More and more we’re seeing higher demands for the Stick-on, Iron-on and No Iron-No Sew products; so the new logo has been designed with these more popular products in mind. Don’t worry, we’ll still be supplying the same Sew-on Labels you know and love! We aimed to modernise the logo but still enable our loyal customers to recognise our iconic branding.

As mentioned previously, we were keen to highlight the ‘2’ in our name within in a circle, to remind us that we are all in this together. We help wherever we can and going above and beyond to help YOU is in our DNA.

We wanted this to resonate within a new and more cohesive visual identity, which has been an integral of our brand too.


We’ve worked hard over the past few months to make your Easy2name experience even better with a more welcoming, easy to use website.

Our new colour scheme is friendly because that’s what we want to be for you – a friendly helping hand to aid less lost items.

Easy2name blue branding schoolwear

We hope this comes through with the updated colour palette, iconography and font and we really hope that you like the new brand as much as we do!

We’re looking forward to continuing to help you and can’t wait for you to be a part of Easy2name’s next chapter! We hope you enjoy the new brand and our refreshed site!


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